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Cliff notes to the apocalypse

Here is some of the information I have been able to accumulate about the prophecies in the book of Revelation since naming my industrial band 7 Vials, heh, I thought I was naming it after the destruction of the earth, not so.

The book of revelation, at least the prophecy part of it, is a series of descriptions of the same events from several different perspectives and is not to be taken in chronological order.

A common misconception among christians is that they get whisked away by Jesus before anything bad happens. Not so, they are persecuted and killed. It actually says all the saints are killed. Jesus doesn't show up again until the 7th vial which is basically the last inning of the ballgame. He is coming back to massacre the armies lined up against Isreal.

Another common misconception is that the great tribulation is terrible for everyone. Its not, its business as usual for non-believers, its the Christians who suffer during this time. After enough saints have been killed the non-believers catch the 7 vials of the wrath of God, then its bad for everyone.

The great whore of babylon is the Roman Catholic Church, the daughters of the great whore are the protestant churches. The great whore sits on the city of 7 hills(Rome).

Animals usually represent nations. Horns are leaders. Isreal is always described as a woman. In the book of revelation the lion represents Great Britain, the leopard represents Germany, the bear is Russia, the eagle is the US, the woman is always Isreal. Horns represent the leaders of the nations. So a beast with a bunch of different kinds of heads and horns is a rising of a group of nations and their leaders.

The antichrist is a nothing more than a world leader, the false prophet is the pope at that time. The pope lends the political support of the vatican to the world leader's cause. This pope is supposed be able to perform miracles and will decieve many. The antichrist's power won't be all pervasive since he is at war the whole time he is power.

7 Seals:
1st seal: era of Catholicism
2nd seal: era of Communism
3rd seal: era of Capitalism
4th seal: era of Famine and Death
5th seal: Souls under the altar in heaven cry for revenge.
6th seal: Wrath of God
7th seal: Silence in Heaven

7 Trumpets:
1st trumpet: WW1
2nd trumpet: WW2
3rd trumpet: Chernobyl disaster(Chernobyl mentioned by name)
4th trumpet: days shortened ???
5th trumpet: Gulf War (Saddam mentioned by name) or the war Bush Jr is about to undertake.
6th trumpet: future war that kills 2 billion people over a period of time, this war will be started by an army capable of fielding 200 million soldiers.
7the trumpet: Armageddon

7 Vials(wrath of God):
1st vial: Sores on people who take the mark of the beast
2nd vial: a sea becomes blood and every living thing in it dies
3rd vial: drinking/fresh waters become blood
4th vial: Sun scorches men with great heat
5th vial: Darkness
6th vial: Flow of Euphrates river stopped (Turkey has a Dam)
7th Vial: Thunders, great hail, big earthquake, islands sink into sea, mountains fall down, Armageddon, destruction of Babylon(the vatican in Rome)

The 6th seal, the 7th trumpet and 7th vial all happen at the same time.The 7 Vials happen in a relatively short period of time, 3.5 years or less. The Trumpets happen over a longer period of time and last for several years each. The seals happen over a much longer time period.

The final 7 years the prophet Daniel speaks of happen after the 6th trumpet and before the 7th vial. The first 3.5 years of this 7 yr. period are relatively non-eventful other than there is peace in the middle east and Jerusalem for long enough for the Jews to build a new temple and resume animal sacrifice. The second 3.5 years is the great tribulation, its beginning is marked by the abomination of desolation. The abomination of desolation is when the antichrist steps into the temple, stops the animal sacrifice, and defiles the temple. The great tribulation is the antichrist's effort to exterminate jews and christians. At the very end of the tribulation is armageddon.

It is worthwhile to note that the only unforgiveable sin mentioned in Revelation is taking the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast is part of a plan to economically sanction persons unwilling to submit a new government led by the antichrist. Basically if you take the mark you are headed for a BBQ in the afterlife no matter what.

The 7 vials are theoretically localized. So when it hails 75lb hailstones its only supposed to hail on the coalition of armies invading Isreal led by Russia. The coalition of armies become confused and kill each other. This also implies that the US is no longer a world superpower or that the US is no longer allies with Isreal.

For those still interested in living, the 6th trumpet is really the biggest milestone to survive. Its next in the lineup of things to happen. During the the 6th trumpet 1/3 of mankind is killed over a period of several years. Today that is 2 billion people. It is a war that is started by a nation or group capable of fielding 200million soldiers. Its most likely a war of weapons of mass destruction.

Lastly the apocalypse in Revelation isn't really the end, the world and humanity goes on for another 1000 years after all this calamity before God decides to destroy it for good. Hope this clears things up ;-)