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7 vials is looking for remixers interested in remixing our tracks. We can provide parts in a variety of formats, we even have a lot of the tracks in whole or in part in Reason 2.5.

7 vials is now on at . If you are on myspace feel free to add us as your friend.

7 Vials of the apocalypse Black T-shirt

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7 vials is a band very loosely themed around the apocalypse according to the book of Revelation. This is why most of the songs have something to do with death, destruction, genocide, massacres and radiation.

After a year or so of hiatus, 7 vials is now a studio project only. We probably won't be doing any live shows any time in the near future. The original intent was to produce a coherent blend of metal and drum and bass to define our own unique dark heavy sound. I believe we succeeded in our endeavor.

Without regard for consequence, we decided to just give all our tracks away for free here on our web site in mp3 format, the tracks should all be ready for your Ipod with track names and info included.

Our release,"The Apocalypse is Now" features 10 tracks of heavy metal drum and bass mayhem. Four of the tracks have vocals by the Second Story Man. Those tracks are "2 billion Dead","Bullet to the Head", "Gas Mask and my M-16" and "Shooting Star"

"Bullet to the Head" is one of our hardest and heaviest tracks. Its also probably our best track. Shadow Jade has reviewed this track on the Gods of Music Website.

7vials music is composed with samplers, synthesizers and guitars. The sound is dark, electronic, industrial rock with a heavy mix of drum and bass breaks under live drums and guitars. On the mp3 page is our complete album "the Apocalypse is Now".

All of 7vials tracks were written by Don Relyea, vocals by the Second Story Man and some guitar samples by Casey Hess.

Influences of 7vials are bands like Skinny Puppy, Thrill Kill kult , The Orb, Failure, On, Course of Empire, NIN, Doosu, Slow Roosevelt, Photek, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Hate Dept, Prong, Tool, Jesus and Mary Chain(Psycocandy album), Dr. Mario, Speedealer,Curve,My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Heretix666, Ministry, The Killing Joke, Pitchshifter, Godsmack, much industrial, some old school hip hop, much drum and bass, and a lot of good old hardcore punk rock.

If you have reached this page looking for more information on the apocalypse. the end of the world or the Book of Revelation in the Bible I highly recommend this site Or you can read our "cliff notes to the apocalypse" with a grain of salt or too.