Fishing Fever(666K-couple minute download)

Welcome to Fishing Fever where the object of the game is maintain a healthy buzz, catch a lot of fish, and not lose your patience.
1.Use the Mouse to aim your cast in the river.
2. If you are running out of patience drink some more beer.
3. If you are too drunk to cast eat some munchies.
4. If your bladder is full its time to take a break.
5. Its game over when you lose your patience, drink yourself to death or your bladder busts.
6. The play/pause button will let you view your stringer while the game is paused.

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I designed and programmed Fishing Fever back in 98, Shayne Bingham did the Graphics and Jason English did the original Voice Over. This version was never really used for anything since it contains drinking belching and peeing. We eventually made later versions that were more client friendly.