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Systemic Sky


systemic sky  systemic sky  systemic sky  systemic sky systemic sky
Video stills from Systemic Sky Extended mix installed at 500x gallery Expo 2008 Juried show

January 2008
Expo 2008 Juried Show
Systemic Sky is at the 500x Expo 2008 juried show : Jan. 12 - Feb. 2.

Our technology driven consumer culture is trapping us in a prison of our own creation. The technology that is supposed to free us has become our master. People have become commodities that are milked for their time and economic resources by governments and global multinational corporations. We are herded into boxes to drain us of our time and resources.

For more information on this project see the project page

Generative Flowers II Generative Video Installation in Downtown Dallas

Generative Flowrwer II at Victory Plaza
Generative Flowers II at Victory Plaza in downtown Dallas

Generative Flowers II at Victory Plaza in downtown Dallas (click to enlarge)

Generative Flowers II
Generative Flowers II was created in Adobe Director MX 2004 using image lingo. It was created for an upcoming outdoor installation at Victory Media Network in Dallas Texas. Victory Plaza has a 50x30 ft HD superscreen they intend to show works from an international array of video and new media artists. I wrote an animation event manager to sync animation to the 120bpm tempo soundtrack. I used Werner Sharp's Image Export Extra to render out the frames of video as png files in HD.

For more information on this project see the project page

New Generative Video Project - Apparition of Norma Jean

Apparition of Norma Jean

I have been working on a new generative video piece based on elements from the Postmodern Modernist experiments as well as elements from the hair particle drawing experiments. It turned out pretty cool. I am still playing with it and I have plans for a small series of similar works centered around this code base. I have created smaller shockwave versions that are pretty similar to the larger ones and made them available below.

Apparition of Norma Jean (silent version--540k)

Apparition of Norma Jean (Music: Alpha Clearance by Jump Rope Girls 9mb)

Be patient the one with audio takes a while to load. The one without audio loads pretty quick, but it doesn't start animating until all the source graphics are generated so you may need to wait about 15 seconds or so depending on your computer speed. Enjoy!