Extreme Gravity Ball 3D
5.5mb) Shockwave game

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1. Use the mouse to drag your paddle (square black and red thing) around the screen to hit the red ball. Try to hit it so that the computer (red square) at the other end cannot return the shot.

2. Hitting the computers back wall results in a point for you towards the game and 1000pts towards your final score. Missing a ball results in a point for the computer towards the game and -750pts from your overall score.

3. Hitting the ball into the orb results in an explosion which may accelerate the balls speed and change its direction.

4. Hitting the walls that emerge from the sides of the tunnel result in a bonus, the more times in a row you hit one of these walls the higher your bonus gets.

5. Be careful the ball can get stuck between your paddle and your wall resulting in multiple points for the computer.