Free Music on that doesn't suck

How does one sort through the ocean of mediocrity that is to find music that does not suck? Well, there is no easy way, one must wade waist deep through crap until they get lucky. So I have put my waders on and gone searching for the good music so you don't have to.

Electronic artists
Drum N Bass
Tech Itch Lots of hard tracks to check out by one of the original masters of Drum n bass. You have no excuses for not checking this guy out.
Decoder A wide variety of tracks and demos to check out. Not just dnb either. Progressive House and Techno too. Decoder works with Tech Itch on tracks.
Biostacis Biostacis is the collaborative project featuring Mark Caro AKA Technical Itch and Bart Icus of Served Chilled & Ice Minus fame. Demos here.
Dr.Mario A founding member of Jungle Voodoo recordings and a true pioneer of drum and bass. Dr. Mario is in a class of his own, nobody really makes drum and bass as dark and quirky as he does.
Bristol Underground guys doing experimental drum and bass stuff, upright bass and live drums techs step style, bad ass.
Sage Moonshine artist Dj Sage has some tracks on, they are pretty good.
JRAQ Jraq is one of the more innovative dnb producers from the Bristo dnb underground. There was this one track he did a while back called "Moonbather" I think that had dark dnb mixed with some opera, it was very eerie and cool.
Green Destiny Jraq collaborates with more people, good vocal stuff. Bad ass jazzy live band sounding drum and bass.
Dark Smoke Collective Uk group that produces dark amen steppy drum and bass. Lots of tracks to check out.
Baby Anne The Bass Queen has a mix on, check it out.
Edgey Well produced jungle, techstep, idm with a dark feel from NYC.
Gridlock Tampa FL producer with some good wax out, well produced tracks.
DustLab This guy is pretty good although his tracks haven't been updated in a while.
UK hip hop, dub and Drum n bass artist, ragga style.
SubAtomic Sound System New York ambient experimental Drum n Bass, Breakbeat, Dub etc. Good quality recordings, and creative tracks.
Apheleon Apheleon, aka Josh Vega, founder of bassface records. Great live dnb artist. I can hear MOTM self resonating filters in this guys sub basses. Nice spacey drum and bass.
CNE aka DJ Switch This US artist has a great dark hard style. Tracks are produced well and are generally tight for someone I have never heard of before.
PNFA This guy from Frankfurt Germany produces a very wide variety of genres but excells in my opinion at at downtempo and dubby stuff. His stuff is very well produced and crisp with the exception of panning sub-bass on some tracks(producer no-no). Many many free tracks to check out.