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The Flowers and Stars Screensaver is an animated algorithmic artwork that has been converted to a screensaver. The program dynamically designs an endless variety of cool algorithmic art with a flower and star motif. It features a nice electronica soundtrack composed specifically for this screensaver. The extended mix will be available shorltly as an mp3 here and in my download section.

Flowers and Stars #07(click to enlarge)

Flowers and Stars #28 (click to enlarge)

Flowers and Stars #29 (click to enlarge)

The above images from a higher resolution version of this screensaver are available as fine art prints for your wall. To see all available prints or buy one check out the Flowers and Stars Giclee Print gallery.

Flowers and Stars Screensaver Installers

Flowers and Stars screen saver installer with music(5.6 mb Windows only)
Flowers and Stars screen saver installer with NO music(2.3 mb Windows only)

Flowers and Stars free song!

The audio track to this screensaver is really good if you like electronica. Good enough for me to do a bonus extended remix. I have included a free mpeg 4 audio track for your itunes or ipod.

Flowers and Stars Song m4a/aac format(ipod/itunes)(6.8 mb)


Requires a PC with a color monitor and screen resolution of 800x600 or higher. Sound card required to hear the audio track for the version with music. Pentium III 2ghz or higher recommended with 20mb of free ram.

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