Welcome to the online demo of Space Texturematic. The spaceships pictured above were all texuremapped with textures from Space Texturematic. Space Texturematic is a multi-platform (Mac and Windows) CD-ROM packed with over 200 high resolution tileable texturemaps for use in any 3d software package. The textures are in many different formats including tiff, targa, pict, and Electric Image formats. The textures dimensions are 512x512 pixels.

Each texture comes with its own bump map and luminence map(if the texture has lights). All of the bump and luminence maps were created in photoshop and represent hours of production work.

With Space texturematic it only takes seconds to create damn cool spaceships in the 3d software package of your choice. Feel free to use the textures on the web demo for whatever you want.

To order Space Texturematic all you have to do is send a Check or Money Order payable to Don Relyea for 29.95 U.S. Dollars to the address below:

Don Relyea
2511 Swiss Ave. #7
Dallas TX, 75204

If you live outside of the U.S. it may take a while for your disc arrive.

Mail comments to Don Relyea.