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Welcome to my Shockwave test department. This is where I place all of my wierd stuff that I do not really know what to do with. I will also post source code here from time to time. Beta versions of games I am working on may go here too, who knows?

  • Cool Spiral Art with source lingo(5k)
  • Bizarre Orbiting Spheres with source lingo(5k)
  • Using lists to enhance music(80k)
  • Scaling Orbiting Spheres with source lingo and comments(5k)
  • Alpha game engine for 3d Asteroids(70k)
  • Way Beta game engine for Saucer Boy Vs. the Alien Probes (260k)
  • Snow demo with source code(30k)
  • Bouncing, throwable ball demo with source(Dir4 circa 1994)(7k)
  • Better OOP bouncing balls unprotected dir(19k)
  • 360 degree seamless scrolling bkgnd(270k)