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Don Relyea 
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Animated Algorithmic Art Studies by Don Relyea

This is a collection of animated art engines that sample pixels and draw an image while you watch. Then engines directly sample pixels from source imagery as well as draw based on sine, cosine and other math functions. I am going to be adding to this section periodically as I come up with good subject matter for these art engines to process.

butterfly flower algorithmic art
Butterflies and Flowers(450k click to launch)
circles wheels clocksalgorithmic art
Persistent wheels and clocks (450k click to launch)
organic flower stars algorithmic art
Flowers and Stars (450k click to launch)
butterfly algorithmic art
Butterflies (click to launch)
circles algorithmic art
Circles (click to launch)
organic algorithmic art
Flowers and trees (click to launch)
fusion algorithmic art
Fusion (click to launch)
oscillation algorithmic art
Oscillation (click to launch)
super collider algorithmic art
Super Collider (click to launch)