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Don Relyea 
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See the artist information page for more detailed information on Don Relyea or you can check out his resume.

I noticed that several universities are now using my work as examples in New Media Art curriculum, I am planning on going through and cleaning up the source code for a lot of these projects and posting the source. If you are planning to use or reference my work in your class feel free to contact me( don at donrelyea.com ) and I may be able to expedite making the source available.

bombshell video art
Generative Video
Inspired by bombshells, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Elke Summer, Ann Margaret, Sophia Loren, Stella Stevens, Audrey Hepburn and artist Ed Paschke.

Agendas Under Fire
Agendas Under Fire
Generative Art | Art Software
Agendas Under Fire: Portraits Barak Obama, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid

110th congressional assembly, worst ever!
110th Assembly, worst ever!
Generative Art | Systemic Art
Congress approval at all time low now immortalized in sick offshoot of hair particle drawing project.
ready made glitch art
Ready Made Glitch Art
Glitch Art | Ready made
Time Warner's mistake is my gain. Overload your network again please!
hair particle portrait of Meret Oppenheim
Meret Oppenheim portrait
Generative Art | Systemic Art
Meret's portrait was my test project moving hair particle drawing to openframeworks.
Image and Photo Reconstructions
Image Reconstruction
Sytemic Art | Image Tool
An exploration of natural and plastic mathmatical patterns using a homemade software photo reconstruction tool.
slit scan photography
Slit Scan Photography
Digital Process | Photography
Several minutes of HD Video compressed into a single photographic image
generative slit scan images
Slit Scan 3d Images
Generative Art | Systemic Art
Digital slitscan process used to generate unusual 3d shapes. Work in Progress.

systemic sky
Systemic Sky
Video Art
Nature vs. techno culture.
hair particle drawing
Hair Particle Drawing
Generative Art
Hair grows into an image via particle system.

monochrome generator
Monochrome Generator
Generative Art
Generate slightly abstracted monocromatic imagery with this application.

Space filling curve art
Space Filling Curve Art
Generative Art | Math Art
Art generator based on Hilbert space filling curve. Ongoing obsession.
Post modern modernist generator
Postmodern Modernist I,II,III
Generative Art | Systemic Art
Google Gadget, Screensaver and interactive shockwave.
Generative Flowers II
Generative Video Art
Large scale video installation at Victory Plaza Dallas TX .
Systemic abstractors vs the pubic realists
Systemic Abstractors
Generative Art | Systemic Art
Program objects battle for dominance of the image.
The Reductionizer
Software Art | Utility
Edit and save images in html table format or png format. Work in Progress.
Contextual art generator
Contextual Art Generator
Software Art | Net Art | Context
Constructs a contextual layout from Google images based on user input.
apparition of norma jean
Apparition of Norma Jean
Generative Video Art
Original version of video art piece done for Plastic TV.
Animated Art Engines
Generative Art | Math Art
Generative experiments based on a variety of input, math and source material.
Electric Monkeys Series
Generative Art
Series of prints investigating the microscopic view of the space filling curve project.
WC68-69 Series
Generative Art
Series of prints investigating the microscopic view of the space filling curve project.
Good the Bad and the Ugly
Generative Art
Generative portraits of pop culture icons..
Assault Crucifix Generator
Generative Art | Procedural Art
Symmetry and color reveal the hidden beauty in instruments of war..
Networked Image Abstractor
Software Art | Net Art
Downloads an image from the net and abstracts it using systemic and procedural processes.