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Don Relyea 
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Assault Crucifix Series : Religious Iconography for the Conflict Generation by Don Relyea

Assault Crucifix I by Don Relyea 2005 (330k click to Launch)

Algorithmically generated religious iconography for the conflict generation. Symmetry and color reveal the hidden beauty in instruments of war. The crucifix is generated algorithmically by placing colored alpha channel fills of assault rifles in strategic regions on the screen.

Pisano Crucifix
Orioli Crucifix
Digital Crucifix Icon By Don Relyea

This project was originally inspired by the works of brilliant Italian artists done from around 1200 A.D. to around 1500 A.D. such as Giunta Pisano and Pietro di Francesco Orioli(above left and center). It was in 1994, I had just been to an exhibit and spent some time in the European painters section and was inspired to create a digital iconic piece (above right). I decided to revisit this idea now in 2005. It just seems like an appropriate time for a conflict and religion remix considering all the conflict in the world today, especially the altercations caused by the clashes between radical Islam, the liberal west and Christendom that can be traced back to the sacking of Jerusalem and the Crusades.

Assault Crucifix I By Don Relyea
Assault Crucifix I
by Don Relyea 2005
(330k click to Launch)