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Don Relyea 
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The Good the Bad and the Ugly: Animated Pixel Art Portraits

This series is a collection of generative drawing engines that sample pixels and algorithmically draw an image while you watch. I originally intended to organize the collection into three pop culture-esque categories; the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, hence the title. However, I have decided not to impose categories on the viewer any more so I have removed them. Viewers can assert their own opinions about these people and can put them in the Good, Bad or Ugly category on their own. In the past, I have been mis-interpreted as having some kind of political agenda, when in fact I am apolitical. I do not actively support any politicians, I think they are all not to be trusted.

The shockave applets are all very small in size, all of them are under 140k.

This series is art satire. I am going to be adding to this body of works periodically as the wheels of time, pop culture and the mass media provide good candidates for these art engines to process.

This series is also available upon request on DVDs for video installation.

Ed Paschke algorithmic art
Ed Paschke (click to launch)
Ronald Reagan algorithmic art
Ronald Reagan (click to launch)
NBC Today Show algorithmic art
Angelina Jolie (click to launch)
Adolf Hitler portrait
Adolf Hitler (click to launch)
Saddam Hussein portrait
Saddam Hussein (click to launch)
Kim Jong Il portrait
Kim Jong Il (click to launch)
Michael Jackson portrait
Michael Jackson (click to launch)
Jennifer Wilbanks portrait
Jennifer Wilbanks: Runaway Bride (click to launch)
Prophet Yahweh portrait
Prophet Yahweh (click to launch)
Pat Robertson portrait
Pat Robertson (click to launch)
Clint Eastwood algorithmic art
Clint Eastwood (click to launch)
NBC Today Show algorithmic art
NBC Today Show (click to launch)
Dennis Rader BTK portrait
Dennis Rader BTK Killer (click to launch)
Greg Despres portrait
Greg Despres (click to launch)
Osama Bin Laden portrait
Osama Bin Laden (click to launch)
Dubya algorithmic art
Dubya (click to launch)