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Don Relyea 
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Artist Statement
I write software to make art.

Publications / Exhibitions / CV

Bombshell accepted in the juried 2010 Digital Graffiti Festival in Alys Beach Florida. Digital Graffiti will be held in Alys Beach Florida 8:30pm until Midnight on Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Bombshell on Culture TV April 2010

Space Filling Project works and an interview in the Spring 2010 issue of +81, Volume 47, the Pattern Graphics issue. +81 magazine is a visual inspiration art and design magazine published in Japan.

Generative Flowers II will be shown during the opening of the Oslo Screen Festival March 2010,
through Culture TV

Generative Flowers II is featured as part of the February 2010 Program (Generative X) International Streaming Festival the Hague, Netherlands with artworks from Daniel Piker, Glenn Marshall, Gwen Vanhee, Takmi Ikeda, Don Relyea and Christopher Warnow. Curated by Marjan van Mourik.

"Meret Oppenheim" from the Hair Particle Drawing Project will be on display at Nude 2010 January 16 – March 28, 2010 at the Lexington Art League galllery, Lexington Kentucky            

"401_06" from the Space Filling Curve project at Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA. January 13-16, 2010, as part of the 2010 American Mathematical Society - Mathematical Association of America Joint Mathematics Meetings.

Interview and image from Generative Flowers III published in Artworks Magazine Sep. 2009

Generative Flowers II installed in the lobby the main IFEZ building in Songdo , Incheon, Korea through Janet Oh Gallery, August through December 2009.

Generative Flowers II and Artist Interview in Culture TV August 2009

Systemic Sky and Generative Flowers III videos invited to participate in new VOD service ArtAvant 2010

Generative Flowers III in juried Digital Graffiti festival at Alys Beach Florida June 6th 2009

Systemic Sky and Generative Flowers II on display at the W Hotel Wu Bar in Downtown Seoul, Korea through Lee Wells [PAM] and Janet Oh Gallery. May through the end of June 2009

Slit scan projects part of Archetime Conference NYC brought to you by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Tank Space for Performing & Visual Arts, and the NYC Future Salon June 4th-June18th 2009 and for a future Exhibition TBA in 2010

Nov. 4th - Nov 29th 2008 Hair particle drawing project (Hairy Bush) is at The Art of Democracy juried Show at Booksmart Studio Gallery, Rochester NY as part of the National Coalition of Art Exhibitions on the Dire State of American Politics Scheduled for the Fall of 2008.

Nov 6th 2008 - Jan 18th 2009 DIGITALEYES 2008: New Esthetic Dimensions in Computer Visualization Technology featuring the Siggraph Travelling Art Show. Hair particle drawing project (Hairy Bush) is at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Los Angeles CA. Curated by Jen Grey. Siggraph TAS Chair Lina Yamaguchi, Stanford University.

Generative Slit Scan project in dataisnature blog by Paul Prudence. 10/20/2008

Meret Oppenhiem portrait video in Beyond the Beyond blog - Wired.com by Bruce Sterling 8/1/2008

Digital Fringe AGE Melbourne Fringe Festival -- Hair particle drawing project -- 24 September - 12 October 2008, 100's of screens in public places. Melbourne Australia

MONOCHROME / Series / Incident.net / 2007-08
Monochrome Generator is part of the MONOCHROME Series at Incident.net

Hair particle drawing project (Hairy Bush) is at Artworks! Gallery A New Perspective on Politics New Bedford MA : June 9th- July 19.

Big Hairy Bush II and Blue Recursive are at the 500x Annual Open Show: Something Made Easy Dallas TX : May 2008

NIA and RTCAG on Network Research blog Feb. 2008

Systemic Sky accepted into 500x Expo 2008 Juried by Artist/Curator Terri Thornton Jan. 2008

Blue Recursive on math-art.com Jan. 2008

Systemic Sky accepted into Victory Media Juried Competiton Nov. 2007

Blue Recursive on nanohedron.com Nov. 2007

Big Hairy Bush II was accepted into the Art of Digital Show, in San Diego, CA. juried by Mr. Neal Benezra, director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). Oct. 6 to Nov. 11, 2007 at the Lyceum Theatre Gallery, in San Diego's historic Gaslamp Quarter.

Big Hairy Bush was accepted into the Siggraph 2007 Travelling Art Show, Chair Lina Yamaguchi Stanford University

Big Hairy Bush was accepted into the Sigraph 2007 Art Gallery August 5-9th in San Diego CA. Chairs Vibeke Sorensen,University at Buffalo and Lina Yamaguchi, Stanford University. Siggraph 2007 Jurors

Junior/Senior Prom: 500X Gallery's 26th Annual Open Invitational

Systemic Abstractors vs. the Pubic Realists in ARS Combinatoria Juried Show by Professor Artur
Matuck, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Forum of Scholars and Artists UCF Expo Center Orlando Florida March 1-31,2007

Systemic Abstractors vs. the Pubic Realists in CULTURETV Feb.2007

Four WC68-69 Series prints accepted to 500x Expo 2007 Juried by Dr. Francis Colpitt Jan. 2007

Generative Flowers II accepted into Victory Media Juried Competiton Jan. 2007

Generative Flowers II in MocoLoco.com and CULTURETV! Oct. 2006

Apparition of Norma Jean (7 min HD Video) signed to Plastic TV (Paris, France), June 2006, available on French VOD

25th annual 500x Open Show

Perpetual Art Machine as a participating artist in Scope New York Plus - Cinemascope Featured Projects Dates: 10th -13th March 2006

MocoLoco.com, a modern contemporary design magazine wrote an article here, Jan. 17 2006.

The Generator Blog RTCAG, Postmodern Modernist Generators, and Space Filling Curve Generator 2005,2006

Real Time Contextual Art Generator published Aug. 2005 at software art portal www.runme.org

Antwerp art and noise rag Rotkop Magazine 2004 (ROTKOP issue #8)



bombshell video art
Bombshell Agendas Under Fire
Agendas Under Fire 110th assembly, worst ever!
110th Assembly
meret oppenheim
Meret Oppenheim portrait
digital phot reconstruction
Image Reconstruction
systemic sky
Systemic Sky
slit scan photography
Slit Scan Photography
monochrome generator
Monochrome Generator
hair particle drawing
Hair Particle Drawing
ready made glitch art
Ready Made Glitch
generative slit scan images
Slit Scan 3d Images

The Reductionizer
The Reductionizer

Systemic Abstractors vs Pubic Drawing
Systemic Abstractors
Space Filling Curve
Space Filling Curve Art

Generative Flowers II

Postmodern Modernist

Contextual Art Generator