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Don Relyea 
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Dynamic Webcam/Satellite Art Studies by Don Relyea

This is a collection of abstract animated art machines that sample pixels and draw an image while you watch. The engines directly sample pixels from source imagery downloaded from live webcams or weather satellites. They continually redraw and sometimes feed back on themselves by sampling the composite image they just created. I feel I am barely scratching the surface of what is possible in this area so I have plans to play with this idea much more in the future.

You will need to bear in mind that it is not always daylight everywhere all the time. Since these art machines are drawing from live imagery there are times when the cameras are shooting a dark picture. The pond light shuts off in the middle of the night so there is nothing to see there then. Because these art works are connected to places all over the earth I have no control over them. If you think that a camera is down or no longer available please email me(don at this domain.com), thanks.

A Parking lot in Russia (click to launch)

A Town Square in Estonia (click to launch)

A Port in Norway (click to launch)

Italian Coast (click to launch)

Italian Coast 2 (click to launch)

Bell Tower in Italy (click to launch)

Kona HI (click to launch)

Pond Somewhere in USA (click to launch)

St. Louis Skyline (click to launch)

Sun Sentinel Florida (click to launch)

Wahington University

WFAA Dallas TX (click to launch)

SSEC Satellite Composite 1(click to launch)

SSEC Satellite Composite 2 (click to launch)

Goes 12 Satellite (click to launch)