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Don Relyea 
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MP3 and M4a/aac format for your Ipod or mp3 player.
  Don Relyea Attack Helicopter (125bpm Apache mix) (9mb) mp3 192khz Attack Helicopter (125bpm Apache mix) Song MP3 format(ipod/itunes). Progressive breaks with rock influences.

  Don Relyea Far from the Sun 128khz(125bpm mix)(6 mb)

Far from the Sun 192khz(125bpm mix)(9 mb)
Far from the Sun MP3 format(ipod/itunes). Progressive breaks with rock influences.

  Don Relyea Persistent Wheels and Clocks (6.6mb) m4a

Persistent Wheels and Clocks (125bpm mix) (9mb) mp3 192khz
Persistent Wheels and Clocks Song m4a/aac and mp3 format(ipod/itunes). I have created a screensaver featuring some video and algorithmic art and an excerpt from this song. This track is a nice fusion of electronic styles with some guitar sounds, piano and moog melodies.

  Don Relyea Flowers and Stars(6.8 mb)

Flowers and Stars(125bpm mix)(9 mb)
Flowers and Stars Song m4a/aac format(ipod/itunes). Extended mix of audio track to Flowers and Stars Screensaver.

  evilcomputergenius Dreaming (4.3mb) A good breakbeat party track with with some sci fi vocal samples about dreaming.

  evilcomputergenius Atomic (6.9mb) A quirky downtempo track with samples from atomic public service announcements during the cold war era.

  evilcomputergenius UFO Out of Control(6.5mb) Upbeat breakbeat track about a UFO soon to crash land.

  evilcomputergenius Going to Heaven (5.1mb) I had a dream I was gunned down in slow motion.

  Don Relyea Sweet Tea(5.0mb) This track was written when I first met my wife, its a pretty instrumental.

  evilcomputergenius OMG (4.6mb) Big beat rocking track, upbeat good party music.

  Don Relyea Run to Me (remastered - dirty pretty - mix)(6.5mb)

Run to Me (6.8mb)
This breakbeat track was written about the time of our first childs birth. It has vocal samples from the great dance resource Back to Black II CD.

  Don Relyea Who Knows (6.2mb) Nice breakbeat track done on a Roland MC 909 groovbox and SP 808 groove sampler.

Sci Fi Breakbeat / Industrial / Noise / Experimental/ Breaks
  evilcomputergenius Nuclear Winter (Noise Mix) (7.6mb) Thick noise, feedback and heavy riffs mix to create a dark apocalyptic vibe. Giant lumbering beats and 440 drops beat your head senseless while radiation cooks you from the inside out.

  evilcomputergenius Hubris(8.4mb) Without me you guys would have nothing. Pride comes before the fall.

  Don Relyea Unstoppable (no sample mix) (8mb)

Unstoppable (extended mix) (10mb)
Pounding new track, one of my most accessible tracks yet! Inspired by one of my favorite games, Unreal Tournament!

  evilcomputergenius Party Dreamland(remastered noise mix)(4.2mb)

Party Dreamland(3.5mb)
Song featuring samples from Wierd Science, good party music.

  evilcomputergenius Society Breakdown (remastered noise mix)(8.2mb)

Society Breakdown (7.4mb)
This downtempo track features samples from 50s radio broadcasts of Twilight Zone.

  evilcomputergenius Eradicate(Exterminate ext. mix)(8.2mb)

Old school breaks inspired track featuring samples from the old Dr. Who science fiction show. This song has really low bass drops.

  evilcomputergenius Hale Bopp(remastered noise mix) (5.1mb)

Hale Bopp(Heaven's Gate mix) (4.9mb)
This song was inspired by the Heaven's Gate Cult, the folks who collected quarters, wore nike sweat outfits , and tried to catch the tail of the comet named Hale Bopp. This track features samples from Easy Rider as well as guitar samples from the Descendants and Hammerhead.

  evilcomputergenius Dark Shadows(Evil Dead mix)(7.8mb) This song was inspired by the cult horror classic Evil Dead, its a cut up breaks track featuring samples from tape recorder found in the basement.

  Don Relyea Until the End (4.89mb) This song has bounced around from project to project, its a pretty yet dark instrumental.

  evilcomputergenius Now(remastered mix)(4.3mb)

Now(feat. Pinhead)(4.3mb)
A thick rocked out noisy track with pinhead on vocals.

  evilcomputergenius The Legend (never dies) (8.7mb) A dark drum n bass track featuring samples from 50's sci fi radio broadcasts.

  evilcomputergenius The Music(4.0mb) A rocked out wierd track with samples from a crazy preacher.

  Ropelab Infinite Wisdom(7.5mb) Pretty and dark progressive trance track featuring vocals by Vionna Chamberlain. Don Relyea with Dj Mark Rinewalt and Yoshi Suzuki. See www.ropelab.com

  Ropelab Stolen Keys(6.2mb) Garage beats and bass with classic piano solos. Don Relyea with Dj Mark Rinewalt and Yoshi Suzuki. See www.ropelab.com

  Ropelab Radioactive(8.7mb) Intense breakbeat track featuring Yoshi Suzuki on guitars. Don Relyea with Dj Mark Rinewalt and Yoshi Suzuki. See www.ropelab.com

  Ropelab Oracion(7.8mb) Dark club track featuring Yoshi Suzuki on guitars and an omenous spanish prayer. Don Relyea with Dj Mark Rinewalt and Yoshi Suzuki. See www.ropelab.com

  More coming soon.....