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Postmodern Modernist Gallery

New gallery up! The Digital Postmodern modernist gallery! Forty-four images generated by resampling output from the Hilbert space filling curve algorithm. This collection of works is output from several generators. First, output from the Hilbert space filling curve generator is sampled randomly by an alpha version of the new "lo-fi" art generator I am working on that has taken a life of its own and become the "The Digital Postmodern Modernist Generator". That output is then sampled, resized smaller and then modified and resized larger for several iterations to create these images. Works completed November 2005. I could probably spend some time going into why a digital modernist art generator could be considered postmodern but I'll leave that to someone else.

A shockwave version of the art generator is here (opens in new window 99k) for your endless enjoyment.

8 Bit Violence


Blue Fritz

Blue Orange Ska

Blue Pool

Car Fire


Clean Salami


Cultural Center

Delta City

Dfuse Field

Dig Dug

do not adjust your tele


Full Time Killer

Grass Fire

Hallucinations of Pong



Night and Day

Oddball Quilt

Ode to 2sm 01

Ode to 2sm 02

Ode to Ted

Orange Level 3

Orange Red 02

Ozone Alert 01

Ozone Alert 02


Physical Pants 01

Physical Pants 02

Poor Picture Quality

Potty Training



Rainbo Mondonist

Red Bluilt

Red Ballistic

Rust in the System


Smelting Pot

the Modernist 01

Vice Grip