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Don Relyea 
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Postmodern Modernist Generator version 3.0
This project explores automating the design process in a lighthearted manner.

The Process behind version 3 is the same as version 2, with the added step of manipulating some vector shapes in the foreground. The first thing the program does is load a color lookup table of 6 color palettes (fig 1). Most of the color combinations are sampled from artist and color theorist Josef Albers works and works by other artists that I admire. However I still intend to write a palette generator that will always select colors that work well together based on modern color theory like the web color selector at wellstyled.com.

fig 1

fig 2

fig 3

fig 4

final output

The engine then creates a 3d virtual world, populates it with primitive objects and assigns them shaders from the current loaded palette. The program then extracts the image from the 3d objects (fig 2 above). A decision tree determines how the image is deconstructed and reconstructed (fig 3 above). The decision tree spawns graphic layers in memory and manipulates them before merging them into one image layer. This process iterates a couple of times and all resulting layers are then randomly assigned a stacking order and then they are merged ( sample layer fig 4 above). Finally rectangular shapes are drawn in the foreground and randomly assigned a blend and the process is complete(final output above).

A shockwave version of the art generator version 3 is here (opens in new window 48k) for your endless enjoyment.

Alcove Torpid

Allegory Wary

Bough Languid

Colleague Giant

Congress Broken

Cushion Snobbish

Cyberspace Sad

Devil Domineering

Dissidence Deep

Dissidence Obtainable

Ear Debonair

Epicurean Thinkable

Fascist Glossy

Gas Noiseless

Grandeur Ceaseless

Guru Cynical

Incubus Creepy

Individuality Laughable

Instinct Tangy

Kingdom Ambiguous

Lid Festive

Loser Moaning

Malpractice Tart

Nationality Therapeutic

Nurture Broken

Oaf Dull

Patchwork Profuse

Quantity Minature

Quiet Cheerful

Rat Boring

Route Dilligent

Sample Macabre

Tower Volatile

Voucher Dramatic

Worker Innate