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Gallery of Reductionizer Images and HTML Art

The reductionizer is a software art project that is slowly turning into a full blown utility. It was spawned from an email conversation with artist Chris Ashley. Basically I wrote him and said, "Hey I have this script, would this be of use to you?" He was definitely interested and dialog ensued discussing ideas, possible features and suggestions. In it's current state it is more like a photoshop filter than an art tool. The current thinking is to move it into the realm of a simple art tool for creating art on the web. Adding features that give the artist manipulative capability is desirable.

What is it?
It converts bitmap images to html table layouts and provides for easy scaling of cells using sliders and text entry fields. It has a very reductionist lean to it, in that it is easy to reduce a photograph down to a more abstract lower resolution image. It exports to both graphic and html formats. It now has editing functions like a pencil, eraser, paint bucket, hand, palettes and an eyedropper.

It can import bmp, jpg and gif files. It is set to output lossless 24 bit png files but jpeg and gif export are planned. It also has a component that randomly grabs photos from flickr from random wordlists sorted by interesting. All of the images below were created using the reductionizer.