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"The Ride of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse"
Instrumental metal and drum and bass intro designed to set the mood for rest of the tracks.


"2 Billion Dead (50 megaton rock rmx)"
Guitars, death screams, atomic warning sirens, apocalyptic chords and heavy drum and bass make this another disturbing yet slamming track. The sixth trumpet era is about to begin.


"Bullet to the Head"
Hard Hitting breaks, lethal guitars and throat ripping vocals make this track our best.

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"Gas Mask and my M-16"
We wrote this one to support our troops abroad but it was only released for a short time before went down. Gas Mask features heavy bass, some guest Dj work and hard hitting vocals.

"Shooting Star"
This song is about how you are not neccessarily the sum of your parts. Its whats inside that counts.

I think we live in an overly medicated society.

This track has a little hip hop mixed with some drum and bass and some metal. Excellent turntable work courtesy of Aastoraath from Heretix666 and Kang and Kodos.

"The Shredder"
This one rocks.

"9ft. Tall Enigmas"
This track was inspired by reading about the Nephilim, an exctinct race of giants spawned by the union of fallen angels and man. Coincidentally the Nephilim were also the inspiration for the popular UK Goth Rock band "Fields of the Nephilim".

"Dead Astronaut"
This track is about a dream I had that I was a scientist aboard an international space station. We witnessed an atomic holocaust from orbit and eventually realized we were never coming home. This was actually the very first 7 Vials track.

Dark and eerie rocked out instrumental track.