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Postmodern Modernist Generator Updated!

Postmodern Modernist

Postmodern Modernist featured in Art Digital Magazine September-October 2010

Postmodern Modernist updated with modified algorithms and the ability operate autonomously!

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Algorithmic Exploration of the Square
I have updated my Space Filling Curve project to generate art autonomously and post its progress automatically on tumblr and to my new updated blog. You can follow the progress at or

Algorithimic Exploration of the Square
382980_250928784 by Don Relyea

Digital Graffiti 2010 at Alys Beach FL

Bombshell at Digital Graffiti Alys Beach Florida
Left: “Take Care” by Matt Pearson, Right: “Bombshell” by Don Relyea at Digital Graffiti in Alys Beach FL, Photo By Dia Sather, ImagesByDia

Bombshell at Digital Graffiti 2010 alys beach
“Bombshell” by Don Relyea at Digital Graffiti in Alys Beach FL, Photo By Stacy Pritchett

Agendas Under Fire

Agendas under fire
Agendas Under Fire: portraits of larger than life political figures in a time when their agendas are under fire January 2010.

Digital Slit Scans

don relyea digital slitscan images

I have uploaded 144 new images from my digital slit scan project to my Flickr account that I have been tinkering with for the past several months.

Generative Flowers III

Video stills from Generative Flowers III by Don Relyea

New full length album from evilcomputergenius!

New evilcomputergenius album available titled "Theory of Humanistic Futility". The album is heavily dub influenced electronica with socio-political overtones =) Available now at these online stores:

evilcomputergenius - Theory of Humanistic Futility     Napster   Amazon MP3   

The Greatest Robbery of all time:

Close up of Stick em up! by Don Relyea --The greatest robbery of all time. Paulson, Bush and Bernanke pull of the biggest heist of all time.

Stick em up! closeup of Hank Paulson, click to see the rest of the piece. This work was created using a large format version of the Monochrome Generator. It is part of my original response to the government bank bailout. Monochrome Generator is part of the MONOCHROME Series at

New digital slit scan experiments

generative slit scan image

The above image was created using a digital slitscan process. The result is are an explosion of twisted volumetric shapes. See the project page Generative 3d Slit Scan Experiments for 30 or so images like the one above.

Here is a 38k low resolution shockwave demo you can play with!

Systemic Sky Video


systemic sky  systemic sky  systemic sky  systemic sky systemic sky
Video stills from Systemic Sky currently showing at 500x gallery Expo 2008

New space filling curve works

hilbert curve generative art 2007
Exploration of Related Points Along a Space Filling Curve #2 11/2/2007 by Don Relyea
space filling curve project page


Generative Flowers II at Victory Plaza Dallas TX

Generative Flowrwer II at Victory Plaza
Generative Flowers II at Victory Plaza in downtown Dallas

Generative Flowers II at Victory Plaza in downtown Dallas (click to enlarge)

Post modern modernist generator
Postmodern Modernist

bombshell video art


Agendas Under Fire

Agendas Under Fire

110th assembly, worst ever!

110th Assembly

meret oppenheim
Meret Oppenheim portrait

digital phot reconstruction
Image Reconstruction

ready made glitch art
Ready Made Glitch

generative slit scan images
Slit Scan 3d Images

systemic sky
Systemic Sky

slit scan photography
Slit Scan Photography

monochrome generator

Monochrome Generator

Space filling curve art
Space Filling Curve Art

hair particle drawing

Hair Particle Drawing

Generative Flowers II
Generative Flowers II

Systemic abstractors vs the pubic realists
Systemic Abstractors

The Reductionizer

Contextual art generator
Contextual Art Generator