About Don Relyea

Don Relyea graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1992 where he was a print making major and information systems major and a merit scholarship student. He lives and works in Dallas Texas USA with his wife and three kids.

Upon graduation Relyea immersed himself in the multimedia software industry producing video and interactive CD content and eventually games for publishers and clients. In the multimedia industry he developed a love for programming graphics on computers and now produces art in several media both traditional and digital.

Relyea is focused in the area of computational art. He writes his own custom art software in C++ and Open GL . Many of the programming techniques Relyea learned in game development he now employs with his art. Relyea primarily produces prints and video art. He often weaves cultural, social and political dimensions into his work. Nature and mathematical forms are also common subjects.

Relyea is also an electronic musician who has been creating music since the mid 90′s. His experience in music has influenced his art signifigantly. His first foray into generative art was programming midi controlled visuals for several of the bands/electronic music projects he contributed to during the late 90′s. He is currently releasing music under the moniker evilcomputergenius. His last release “Theory of Humanistic Futility” is available on itunes worldwide.

Relyea’s print and video work has been in exhibited in galleries and juried exhibitions all over the United States. Recently Relyea’s video art has been installed outdoors in curated/juried shows in Oslo, Norway, The Hague, the Digital Grafitti Festival at Alys Beach Florida, W hotel in Seoul Korea and International Free Exchange Zone in Incheon Korea. Several of his video works will be available on US video on demand systems in 2010-2011. He is also an avid inventor with 6 us patents awarded so far and over 60 patents pending.

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