Month: June 2013

Particle painting 2013


My particle paintings are created in a custom software program I built in openframeworks. I update the program every year adding new styles, fixing bugs and tuning performance. I use the software to make both video art and print pieces.
Sharon_Tate_sized shrimpton_paper_print nicepainterly._debbie_harryjpg nice_crop_debbie_harry marilyn_for_tall_canvas jean_02 awesome_hair_chick elke bridget_Bardot_01 Aung_San_Suu_Kyi_02 twiggy_canvas stella_stevens Sophia_Loren_Awesome_5000x6000 sharon_tate_big Raquel_paper_print photo-21 mansfield_canvas liz_taylor_4

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Tough Guys at Digital Graffiti 2013

Tough Guys wins People’s Choice Award in Digital Graffiti 2013!

  Tough Guys was accepted into this years Digital Graffiti festival in Alys Beach Florida. This is a very fun festival to attend in person and is unique in style and locale. “Tough Guys” won the People’s Choice Award as the most tweeted and shared installation from the live event! [vimeo id=”64587883″ align=”center”] Please follow…

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