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Sharon Tate video art installed

Sharon Tate Video Art

Sharon Tate video art piece is a further extension of my particle painting program this version is installed in a bank technology center lobby in Texas. This video is generated with a digital painting program I created in openframeworks. It paints using particles. In this video they are simply squares. This video is a tribute…

Tough Guys at Digital Graffiti 2013

Tough Guys wins People’s Choice Award in Digital Graffiti 2013!

  Tough Guys was accepted into this years Digital Graffiti festival in Alys Beach Florida. This is a very fun festival to attend in person and is unique in style and locale. “Tough Guys” won the People’s Choice Award as the most tweeted and shared installation from the live event! [vimeo id=”64587883″ align=”center”] Please follow…

Bombshell at Digital Graffiti 2010


Bombshell This video is generated in real time in a custom particle effects painting program I created using c++/Open GL in openframeworks 0.06 with code blocks. The program allows me to use a mix of generative and non generative image creation techniques. I can control the generative particles using touch gestures on a tablet pc.…

Flowers with Tendrils at Aurora 2011

Flowers with Tendrils

Flowers with Tendrils 2011 [vimeo id=”22379006″]   The music in this video is a track called Singularity, You can right click to download Singulalrity its an 192kps MP3 file about 11 MB. I made several prints from this video project and they are in the gallery below. Please follow and like us:

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