Author: Don Relyea

Flowers with Tendrils at Aurora 2011

Flowers with Tendrils

Flowers with Tendrils 2011 [vimeo id=”22379006″]   The music in this video is a track called Singularity, You can right click to download Singulalrity its an 192kps MP3 file about 11 MB. I made several prints from this video project and they are in the gallery below.

Digital Slitscan output

Digital Slitscans 2007-2009

These images were created using a digital slitscan process. I wrote a program that generates several groups of 3d primitives. The separate groups of primitives are rotated in slightly different directions slowly while every frame of rotation a column of pixels is sampled from the middle of the image and used to make a picture.…

Generative Flowers II 2007

Generative Flowers II Generative Flowers II was was created for an outdoor installation at Victory Plaza in Downtown Dallas Texas. Victory Plaza has a 50×30 ft HD super screen they intend to show works from an international array of video and new media artists. [vimeo id=”808834″] Basically the program generates really colorful video by running color…