The Reverend

Well I am snowed in here in Texas today and that is a good excuse to try out a new beer. Today I chose wisely.

The Reverend, by Avery Brewing company in Boulder Colorado, is a Belgian style Quadrupel Ale. Avery Brewing specializes in craft beers that are strong.

The Reverend is much more amber than my Blackberry camera was able to capture, it is much more light clear light reddish. It is super smooth and is slightly sweet with hints of cherry and caramel. It packs some punch with 10% ABV.

I picked this one up at World Market and highly recommend it!

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Artist/Programmer/Inventor living in Texas
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3 Responses to The Reverend

  1. Victor says:

    Thanks for the tip, Don. I’ll get some. Love beer in the wintertime…make that “anytime.”

  2. Don Relyea says:

    Hi Victor, The Reverend is very good and will definitely sneak up on you in terms of alcohol strength. I had to edit and re-edit this particular post for grammatical errors after consuming that beer and I just noticed there are still errors. Oh well, I will just have to live with the hazards of writing about good beer. LOL!

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