Revisiting Cityscapes with Ladders and Helipads

Cityscapes with Ladders and Helipads 2010
“Cityscapes with Ladders and Helipads 2011″ by Don Relyea

I have been asked multiple times for print resolution versions of “Cityscapes with Ladders and Helipads 2004“. I don’t know why I never finished it and made a print version. I sometimes get distracted with life or other projects and I think this is one of the rare occasions when something I was working on just fell through the cracks.

That code base evolved over time into my space filling curve project which is still ongoing today as the Algorithmic Exploration of the Square. That project is runs autonomously and generates 4 new works a day which are posted on this blog, a tumbr blog ( and my twitter account.

So when an Austin underground literary journal contacted me about using “Cityscapes with Ladders and Helipads 2004” for their Journal cover I was very interested in closing the loop with this one.

I revisited the old code and got it back up and running fairly quickly and now I have it generating higher resolution output now. I am doing some experiments with it and I have made the journal a wide variety of options to choose from for their cover but this one is one of my favorites.

I am really glad I dug this old code up, whenever I get an opportunity to reflect on some of my older work I often discover unexplored paths that yield interesting results.

I may make a series or print edition out of these or not, I am not sure yet.

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