Padkite™ multi-touch mobile mouse

As someone who is keenly interested in the multi-touch and gesture space, when this tweet came into my inbox from @SethSandler I was very excited to check it out. The PadKite™ Android mobile software from RoamTouch looks very cool.

Mobile web browsers are painful to use especially on small smart phone screens. Personally I have a Blackberry, and nothing is worse than trying to scroll that tiny cursor around and hit tiny links in the tiny mobile browser. Perhaps my fingers are too fat, but even on my iPad I mistakenly hit the wrong link from time to time.

PadKite™ solves this dilemma on Android by creating a software extension of your finger so you can see what you are clicking. It has a nice radial browser menu tool that provides some of the basic browser functions users are accustomed to on their computers. PadKite™ also provides a gesture kit with easy shortcuts to common social activities like sharing things to Twitter and Facebook.

These videos recently added to Vimeo do a great job of demoing the features, check them out if you have not seen PadKite™ yet!

PadKite™ Intro from RoamTouch on Vimeo.

PadKite™ Features Extended from RoamTouch on Vimeo.

PadKite™ short from RoamTouch on Vimeo.

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