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Welcome to donrelyea.com - "So much content, so little time."
Welcome to donrelyea.com, the online home of Don Relyea, artist, musician and programmer. My site is always undergoing a gradual evolution, it has evolved slowly over 10 years and it will continue to do so. I have uploaded a variety of free mp3s, art, screen savers and wallpapers all made by me. You can download mp3s from Ropelab, evilcomputergenius, and 7 Vials. Help yourselves! I have been uploading new art, music and screen savers pretty frequently so check back often.

January 2007 Events
Four prints from WC68-69 series made it into the 500x Expo 2007 Juried show at 500x Gallery. Opening reception Saturday, January 13 2007, 6-10pm.

Generative Flowers II is making its big screen debut alongside many other great video works at Victory Plaza in Downtown Dallas right in front of American Airlines Arena. Victory Media Network Grand Opening Event held on January 19, 2007. 7pm - 10pm (ticketed event for charity 100 bucks, yeah I coughed when I read that too, tip: you can see the videos from the street easily).

Generative Flowers II
Generative Flowers II is a generative video project. It was made in Adobe Director MX 2004 using image lingo. It was created for an upcoming outdoor video installation for Victory Media Network in Dallas Texas. Victory Plaza has a 50x30 ft HD super screen they intend to show works from an international array of video and new media artists. Generative Flowers II was created, programmed and scored by Don Relyea. Mark Charneski photographed and scanned the original flowers. Below are some rendered frames of the actual video. Be sure to check out the video on the project page!

Generative Flowers II  Generative Flowers II  Generative Flowers II

The Reductionizer

The Reductionizer is a new software art project in the alpha stages of development. It started simply enough as a bitmap to html table generator. After some email conversations with artist Chris Ashley, it is developing into a low fidelity artistic tool. It can save images in html table format or png format. It is currently being developed in Adobe Director. The alpha versions 001 - 004 are available for download. Alpha version 005 is in development for more info see this post in my blog.

Exploration in Warm and Cool Colors WC68-69 series
Exploration in Warm and Cool Colors WC68-69 series was created in a customized version of my space filling curve abstract art generator. It is worthwhile to note that the overal designs and color themes of this series were generated by a computer program coded by the artist.

The program employs both fractal and generative processes in the creation of the images. In the past, I have not manipulated the images by hand at all except to fix an occasional bad pixel created by minor program glitches. In this series I have manually manipulated the output adding lines and toggling colors as I see fit. This is part of my iterative process. I will go back into the program and try to figure out how to make the program create the same type of lines and color combos during the execution.
To see all 9 images in the series be sure to check out the WC68-69 series page.

Generative Video Project - Apparition of Norma Jean

Apparition of Norma Jean

I have been working on a new generative video piece based on elements from the Postmodern Modernist experiments as well as elements from the hair particle drawing experiments. It turned out pretty cool. I am still playing with it and I have plans for a small series of similar works centered around this code base. I have created smaller shockwave versions that are pretty similar to the larger ones and made them available below.

Apparition of Norma Jean (silent version--540k)

Apparition of Norma Jean (Music: Alpha Clearance by Jump Rope Girls 9mb)

Be patient the one with audio takes a while to load. The one without audio loads pretty quick, but it doesn't start animating until all the source graphics are generated so you may need to wait about 15 seconds or so depending on your computer speed. Enjoy!

Systemic abstractors and Hair Particle drawing algorithm

hairy marilyn monroe
Marilyn Monroe by Don Relyea-- Hair Particle Generated Art
(click to enlarge)

In systemic abstractors vs pubic realists I have set up a variety of program objects that battle on the image area for dominance in the image. There are systemic abstractors which abstract what is being drawn by the pubic realists and other abstractors. The pubic realists are based on the hair particle drawing routine I did last year where hair grows into an image.

The project page for Systemic abstractors vs. pubic realists and hair particle drawing algorithm

Space Filling Curve Generative Abstract Geometric Art
I have been experimenting with space filling curves now for some time, this space filling curve art generator (opens in a new page, shockwave 35k) in particular has been in the works since Summer 2005. I am still refining things but I have a more sophisticated exe version that is generating print worthy output on a regular basis now.

I entered the work below (Generative Exploration of Related Points Along a Space Filling Curve #1) in the 25th Annual 500x Open Show to test the waters.
Generative exploration of related points along a space filling curve
Generative Exploration of Related Points Along a Space Filling Curve #1 46x35 Iris print

Below are some earlier iterations of space filling curve generator output. There is more info on this project on the project page including basic math to implement a space filling curve.

Postmodern Modernist Generator version 1, 2 and 3
This project explores automating the artist's design process in a lighthearted manner. I systematically break down and simplify the design process for automation by an art generator.

A shockwave version of the art generator version 3 is here (opens in new window 48k).
A shockwave version of the art generator version 2 is here (opens in new window 38k).
A shockwave version of the art generator version 1 is here (opens in new window 99k).

The first thing the program does is load a color lookup table of 6 color palettes. Most of the color combinations are sampled from artist and color theorist Josef Albers works and works by other artists that I admire. The engine then creates a 3d virtual world, populates it with primitive objects and assigns them shaders from the current loaded palette. The program then extracts the image from the 3d object. A decision tree determines how the image is deconstructed and reconstructed. The decision tree spawns graphic layers in memory and manipulates them before merging them into one image layer. This process iterates a couple of times and all resulting layers are then randomly assigned a stacking order and then they are merged. Rectangular shapes are drawn in the foreground and randomly assigned a blend. Lastly vector shapes are distorted in the foreground.

Congress Broken

Cushion Snobbish

Cyberspace Sad

Devil Domineering

8 Bit Violence

Orange Level 3

Full Time Killer

Rust in the System

Real time contextual visual art on demand.
The Real Time Contextual Art Layout Generator(250k opens in new window) is the first in a series of almost a dozen interactive contextual pieces that I am working on. The concepts and theories behind the work are located on the "Real Time Contextual Art Generator Theory" page. Essentially it uses the Google image search engine to contextually match images with user entered query terms. It takes those images and text and then algorithmically lays them out using the rule of thirds and so on.

contextual toilet art contextual toilet art contextual toilet art

The above images are real time algorithmically generated images from the query terms "disgust", "disfigured" and "toilet art". Go ahead and play with the Real Time Contextual Art Layout Generator, you know you want to.


generative art print
WC68-69 Series Prints

Electric Monkeys!

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