generative slit scan image

These images were created using a digital slitscan process. I wrote a program that generates several groups of 3d primitives. The separate groups of primitives are rotated in slightly different directions slowly while every frame of rotation a column of pixels is sampled from the middle of the image and used to make a picture.

The resulting images are an explosion of twisted volumetric shapes.

This process is based on traditional slit scan techniques (see Golan Levin’s informal catalog of Slitcan Video where one side of the image is in a different time than the other.

Here is a 38k low resolution shockwave demo you can play with!

rotation13 rotation12 rotation11 rotation10 rotation9 rotation8
rotation6 rotation5 rotation4 rotation3 rotation2 rotation1

Above is a new set if images I rendered out much bigger than the ones below. The full set is on Flickr as well. Click to enlarge and load the images on Flickr.


hair particle drawing