Blanco Tree Reconstruction

I stumbled into a digital photo reconstruction algorithm completely by accident while writing some code to recursively subdivide space. I had the honor of being in a show last year with Rusty Scruby who is focused in the photo reconstruction space, if I had not seen what Rusty has been doing I may not have know what I stumbled into. Rusty has created his own custom software to perform his reconstructions and his work is fantastic. You should check it out.

I took the algorithm I found and I have now created a crude tool to explore photo and video reconstructions. I am still putting together a page of these new works but the general exploration is around naturally occurring mathematical forms like Lindenmayer Systems and fractal patterns.

I go out with my camera ( and the kids ) looking for interesting forms in nature, the more I explore the more I get a sense of what will create a nice visual flow and sense of motion when the image is reconstructed. Below are some samples of the output.

IO Moth reconstruction
IO Moth Reconstruction

I found this IO Moth while doing some gardening with the kids in the front yard. It made a really nice reconstruction. I printed this one out on a 13×19 sheet of watercolor paper. It looks really nice. Prints 2-5 of 5 are available for anyone interested.

yellow tree reconstruction
Yellow Tree Reconstruction

This is our next door neighbor’s tree. I also printed this one out on a 13×19 sheet of watercolor paper. Prints 2-5 of 5 are available.