Flowers with TendrilsFlowers with Tendrils and  401_06 from my space filling curve art project will be exhibited in Vancouver  August 5th – 7th as part of the 2011 Joint Symposia on Computational Aesthetics, Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling, Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering. CAE 2011 is a collocated conference with Siggraph 2011 also in Vancouver.

Project Title : Flowers with Tendrils

• Artist Name : Don Relyea

• Year Produced : 2011

Flowers and Tendrils is a video featuring a collection of computational sketches of flowers employing particle effects to draw the flowers. It was originally created for an outdoor video art projection festival. I am highly influenced by naturally occurring mathematical structure. In this case, flowers and plant structures provide a great study in natural rhythm and form. Flowers and Tendrils was created in a custom built drawing application that draws the flowers in a 4095×4095 pixel frame buffer at around 60 frames per second. Flowers and Tendrils was created in Xcode and Openframeworks on a MacBook Pro.

The music track is titled “la fin du monde” by Don Relyea. The music is not essential to display the artwork. Artwork may be displayed looping on a monitor(computer or TV), as a projection or as part of a group of pieces in a festival format.

The Video is online on Vimeo and can be viewed here:

2011 also in Vancouver.

Flowers with Tendrils Final from Don Relyea on Vimeo.