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Fri, 31 Mar 2006

New evilcomputergenius track --Domination
Domination(4.9mb) Are you ready to accept my Domination?


I have been working on some new evilcomputergenius and Don Relyea tracks. Three tracks in all coming soon. I'm taking a little more time to let these new songs simmer. I had some regrets about overdoing some of the phased drum tomfoolery on The Cleaner. So I am going back and taking some of it out and posting a new version soon. So if you like The Cleaner the way it is you might want to save a copy.

Unfortunately I suffered a catastrophic hard drive crash right after I mixed this version of Domination(4.9mb) so I lost the original. I had intended to add some more analog synth sounds to the breakdown in the middle, but after listening to it for a while I think it sounds fine the way it is. This track is the one I used for the soundtrack to one of my video entries for the [PAM] perpetual art machine project.

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Wed, 29 Mar 2006

Britney Spears Birthing Sculpture by Daniel Edwards
Britney Spears Birthing Sculpture by Daniel Edwards

"Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston"by Daniel Edwards

Louise Bourgeois said that "art is manipulation"...if that is the case then this has to be one of the finest manipulations of pop culture, politics and mass media I have seen in a good while.

Daniel Edwards has capitalized on the polarization of the abortion issue to generate huge pre$$ and controver$y around his latest $culpture. His playful sense of humor shines with the concept of a Pro-Life sculpture of Britney Spears complete with baby Sean Preston peeking out the posterior end of the pop diva.

Spears is the subject of art, the inspiration for Daniel Edwards' sculpture, "Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston," and soon to be on display at the Capla Kesting Fine Art Gallery in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. The gallery is hiring extra security guards for the free exhibit opening April 7 and running two weeks.

"This is a new take on pro-life," said Edwards, whose life-size sculpture will appear at the gallery next to a display case filled with pro-life materials. "Pro-lifers normally promote bloody images of abortion. This is the image of birth." An appropriate location for permanent installation of “Monument to Pro-Life” by Mother’s Day is being sought by the gallery.

When asked whether he's pro-life, Edwards(a Democrat) said, "You nailed me. I'm not saying that I am. I wouldn't march with either pro-life or pro-choice advocates. This is not meant to be political." Edwards is obviously kidding with that last sentence.

When asked why he creates art that generates publicity for him by piggybacking on subjects hyped in the media, Edwards said: "You're bombarded with these stories. And there's a thread that winds back to the art. That's not a bad thing. People are interested in these topics, and it works for art as well."

The sculpture shows Brit naked and pregnant, crouching face-down on a bear rug as the baby's head appears at her opposite end. When some bloggers heard about the exhibit, the gallery received about 3,000 e-mails from around the world, split between pro-choice and pro-life opinions.

The pro-choicers don't like it, but neither do the pro-lifers..."We also got calls from Tokyo, England, France. Some people are upset that Britney is being used for this subject matter," said gallery co-owner David Kesting. "Others who are pro-life thought this was degrading to their movement. And some pro-choice people were upset that this is a pro-life monument."

"It's not in my taste," said Jeanne Head, president of the Manhattan Right to Life Committee, which Mr. Edwards contacted to obtain anti-abortion literature.

Edwards has even managed to irk PETA. "We're a little confused by the mixed message of a pro-life statue depicting the skin of a dead animal being used as a birthing mat," said Bruce Wieland, spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

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Monitors from hell
The GigaPixel Project from the Center for Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech is building 24 monitor (linux cluster) configurations running at insanely high resolution like 10240x3072.

Below is one of the abstracts from their web site...with a few comments added by me.

Tiling multiple monitors to increase the amount of screen space has become an area of great interest to researchers(especially researchers who play Quake). While previous research has shown user performance benefits when using two monitors next to each other, little research has analyzed whether very large high-resolution displays result in better user performance(frag count?). We compared user performance time, accuracy(sniper rifle anyone), and mental workload on geospatial search, route tracing, and comparison tasks across one, twelve (4x3), and twenty-four (8x3) tiled monitor configurations. Additionally, we included display configurations that involved uniformly curving the twelve and twenty-four monitor displays. Generally, the larger the viewport size the faster users perform(kill). We show that user frustration is significantly less in the twenty-four monitor condition than the one monitor condition. We also show that curving displays increases user performance(frag count?).

What all that technical jargon means is that it is now possible to witness first person shooter carnage on a level never experienced by mankind until now as shown in these videos and pictures from the blog of one of the researchers(Andrew Sabri). How do you get a research job like that one, how cool?

Andrew Sabri--24 monitor configuration

Image from

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Wed, 15 Mar 2006

Graffiti Research Lab --LED throwies
I must have missed this last time I visited So if you haven't already seen LED throwies check it out. Clever use of technology and magnets.

Graffiti Research Lab --LED throwies

LED Throwies are an inexpensive way to add color to any ferromagnetic surface in your neighborhood. A Throwie consists of a lithium battery, a 10mm diffused LED and a rare-earth magnet taped together. Throw it up high and in quantity to impress your friends and city officials.

Check it out here and be sure to watch the video.

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Sun, 12 Mar 2006

Refined Hilbert abstract art generator
Don Relyea Abstract Art

I have been gradually refining my Hilbert curve based abstract art generator, it is getting really tight. I have made it into an exe that has dynamic controls for all aspects of the algorithm. It can output the art in really high res now for printing huge. The image above is a sample output from the latest version of the generator.

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Sat, 11 Mar 2006

PAM at Scope NYC
PAM at Scope New York

The [PAM] aka perpetualartmachine exhibit at Scope New York appears to be going well. I need to remind my friends in New York to go check it out, so if you are in NYC go check it out at W47th & 11th.

From the Scope Art Web Site press release...
Scope New York 2006

30,000 sq ft Post-War Building
The Armory Show Week

10th – 13th March
Daily 11-8pm

Challenging passive viewing, Scope advances 2006 with it’s 30,000 square foot booth fair. In addition to presenting 80 galleries with one person and thematic group shows, there will be auto-curations, convertable exhibitions and pirate-radio.

MoMA, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Studio Museum in Harlem and New Museum of Contemporary Art join Scope curators for the Curators Choice Reception, Friday, 6-9pm, March 10, 2006. Curatorial projects include:

Winner Take All, a brawl of works chosen by independent curators and organized by David Hunt and Franklin Sirmans.

The Perpetual Art Machine, an interactive multimedia spectacle hosting over 100 progressive video, new media and internet artists. Presented by Lee Wells/IFAC and The New Museum’s [PAM] created by, Chris Borkowski, Aaron Miller, and MTAA, Marisa Olson, Raphaele Shirley and Lee Wells.

free103point9 Transmission Artists expand the wireless spectrum. Broadcasting daily.

Scope New York 2006 will be open daily from 11 pm to 8 pm. Admission is $10. Come enjoy our grassy knowll, just blocks from The Armory Show, shuttle service daily, great food.

Founded in 2002, Scope’s continued mission is to turn viewers into users by engaging contemporary art directly. This international contemporary art fair brings together up-and-coming dealers, curators, and artists. Scope’s fresh information gives a view of the contemporary art world that is not available anywhere else. (

Press and PR: Dan Schwartz of SGLA: dan[AT]

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Wed, 08 Mar 2006

Offset [2005]
Offset [2005], Romanian young artists projects of 2005

Offset is a great collection of recent works from some of Romania's finest young artists. There are over 20 artists represented and all of their works are worth taking a look. I chose to showcase two here today, Alex Dragulescu, a software artist with whom I was familiar already, and Vlad_Nanca whose "Terrorist Balloons" I thought was a very clever idea and make for great eye candy. Also worthy of special mention is the great collection of street art. Be sure to check out this exhibit online at Offset [2005]

A screenshot of Alex Dragulescu's experimental generative graphic novel, "What I Did Last Summer", using BlogBot.

The protagonists of "What I Did Last Summer" are military and civilian units from the game Civilization 3. Blogbot crawls through the web and takes snapshots of web blogs related to a user-specified theme. Then, based on the harvested text, a dynamic collage of images and strings is generated by using a keyword-matching algorithm.

Terrorist Balloons
Vlad_Nanca's "Errorism - Terrorist Balloons" is pure genius. Such a simple idea to turn something like a terrorist into a playful balloon is brilliant.

From the Offset [2005] official Press Release.........
This is the second year Offset has been digging for outstanding projects of young Romanian artists. And we hope we have succeeded in offering a good sellection, a selection any curator can use as a starting point of his own project. Because primarily Offset is intended as such a tool. It's core idea is to gather projects from the year 2005. And then make them as visible as possible worldwide. The sellection was made by the Offset team based on this argument and the quality of the works (this you could question as a very subjective criterium, but we assure you the only filter we put forward is common sense). Offset doesn't claim to be exhaustive. What you see here is partly a result of a sellection, partly one of a special dynamic, independent of our will.

The artistic year 2005, as we see it in Offset 2005, is a social and political one. The artists and curators are taking on issues of interraction and communication between society, church and state. Duo van der Mixt and Alexandra Croitoru are studying the transformations that the exchange of religious power leads to. Casa Gontz is offering you a political safari, through his political tourism agency. Vlad Nanca is laughing at the over-discussed Redemption Cathedral. After he stops laughing he plays with the over-inflated terrorism, as does Cristi Pogacean in the remake of a kitsch classic. Gorzo makes a star out of Mr. President and Mona Vatamanu/Florin Tudor continue their study over political mutations in the urban space. Mihai Gongu is optimistic about Romanian society in his series of net banners, his optimism being built on a harsh and ironical critique. Irina Botea transforms the oppulent suite of Ceausescu from Arcus into a setting for her playful videos, ment to exorcise the place. Dina Dancu studies the social dimension of art, in interviewis transformed in an installation.

Another direction preocupying young artists is that of personal introspection and recuperation of life experiences. Miklos Szilard re-enacts the game all Romanian boys played,"tubermane", as a real-life 1st person shooter. Delia Popa transforms her grandmother ("Mamaia") in a symbol of a lost way of life and a tool for mentally recuperating it. Maria Draghici speaks of communism using her family photo archive as vehicle for interpretation. Ioana Nemes focuses on her daily life, turning it upside down and around, searching for meanings. Liliana Basarab forces introspection on others, challenging them to define truth, and comunicating this definition without saying a word. Victor Man and Gili Mocanu are the apostols of a new, redefined painting, refreshing the scene and the views about the classic artistic medium. Storming the scene with political hypermedia art, Alex Dragulescu cinically uses data from blogs of the US troops in Irak in a net-based graphic novel.

The young subcultures under the sign of interdiction are the core of Stefan Tiron's project - a week of digital anarchy, file-sharing, electronic music and Counter Strike battles at Galeria Noua - and of the urban interventions of the group of street artists.

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Fri, 03 Mar 2006

Perpetual Art Machine video
The Perpetual Art Machine crew has completed the basic functionality of their touch screen kiosk used to display videos from 220 artists. It can display 16 videos at a time and runs on a Quad processor G5 from Apple Computer. They have posted a video of the kiosk in action on their website! Its nice. The performance of the G5 is impressive. I am excited to be a contributer to this project. The PAM organisers are clearly top notch, my experience with this project has been nothing but pleasant and professional.

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