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Sun, 18 Oct 2009

Generated tentacled eyeball monsters halloween 2009

generative monster

Generated Monsters -- done in OF 0.06
I wrote a quick program to generate monsters for my kids this halloween. This is not a serious art project but fun for my family that turned into something cool enough to share.

It was done in c++ in openframeworks 0.06 using code blocks. You can download the source here (right click) and the textures here! I'm sure you can swap out different eyes and mouths for different looking monsters.

generative monster

It uses a version the hair particle drawing class I wrote to do my hair drawings, I just swapped it out with opaque textures of eyeballs and mouths and placed the drawing origins in the lower right corner. I then copy the screen to a FBO Texture and draw that to screen flipped so the creature is both vertically and horizontally symmetrical and voila...a tentacled eyeball creature!

You can see all of these monsters at my flickr set "Generated tentacled eyeball monsters halloween 2009" there are over a hundred of them!

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Mon, 05 Oct 2009

500x Open Show Theme: Landscape

635 commute
"635 Commute" by Don Relyea

The 500x annual open show has moved from the end of the Spring season to Fall. This years theme is "Landscape". I always try to support 500x since it is the first place I showed anything a very long time ago.It is also a great place to try out new work and see what peoples reactions are at the opening.

This year I entered a piece titled "635 Commute" that uses two of my projects combined, my slit scan photography project and the good old reductionizer. I recorded several minutes of my commute to work and generated a slit scan image of the video, I then reduced it using the reductionizer and combined the images. The result is a 22 x17 photo print which looks fantastic. You can pick it up for cheap at the show.

There is still one more day to drop off art at 500x, they are taking stuff Tuesday night from 5-8pm as well.

Open Show Theme: Landscape

Exhibition Dates: October 10-31, 2009

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 10, 7-10pm Delivery Times: October 5 & 6, 5-8pm Pick-up: Sunday, November 1, 2009, 12-5 pm

All work in the Open Show must explore the image, presence, or idea of the landscape. Work in any media is accepted.


  • $25 per entry -5 entries maximum
  • Each piece must include name of artist(s), address, phone #, e-mail address, title of work, media, year of execution and sale price on the back.
  • Payment may be made with credit card, check or cash.
  • All work must be ready to hang-canvases, frames, etc. must have "D" rings or wire; unframed works on paper will be pinned to the wall unless other hanging systems are provided and prepared.
  • All video, sound, and media work must come with equipment, and the artist is required to come during the installation time to set up the work.
  • Work must not exceed 60" in any direction.
  • 500X Gallery will retain a 30% commission on all sales.
  • Work will remain on view until the show closes at 5pm on Saturday, October 31, 2009
  • Exhibited works must be picked up Sunday, November 1, 2009, 12-5pm.
  • Other information
  • A storage fee of $50 will be charged for work that is not picked up on November 1, 2009. 500X Gallery carries no insurance and accepts no responsibility for work damaged while in storage. Stored work not picked up by Sunday, November 29 will become the property of 500X Gallery.

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