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Sat, 31 May 2008

A New Perspective In Politics at Artworks! New Bedford MA

Artworks! New Bedford MA

I have entered my Hair Particle Drawing project in A New Perspective On Politics at Artworks! Gallery in New Bedford, MA. Specifically, I entered the smaller Bush portait that was exhibited in Siggraph 2007 last year.

The exhibition features artists’ representations of political figures such as George Bush, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Dick Cheney, Kim Jong-il, John Kerry, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington, Mao Zedong and more. This should be a fun exhibition, check it out if you are in the area!

A New Perspective On Politics 
Saturday, June 7 to Saturday, July 19

Artworks! Partners for the Arts & Community
384 Acushnet Ave, New Bedford, Ma 02740

Gallery Hours are Tue-Sat from 12 to 5pm

Saturday, June 7- Opening Reception, 2-5pm

A New Perspective In Politics will be exhibited at the same time as another exhibition titled X-Country, which showcases the work of two artists, Derek Harding of Fall River, MA and Gerald Weckesser of San Diego, CA. The opening reception for both exhibitions will take place on Saturday June 7 from 2-5pm.

Exhibiting Artists:

Wendy Allen New Milford, CT painting
Corina Alvarezdelugo Branford, CT ceramics
Catherine Carter Holliston, MA painting
Jaesun Duggan Franklin, MA mixed media
Andrew Fladeboe Somerville, MA painting
Len Gerwick Marlborough, MA painting
Patricia Gomes New Bedford, MA drawing
John Hooker Boston, MA mixed media
Jim Kilmartin Osterville, MA n/a colored pencil
Stephanie Maria Natick, MA n/a painting
Peter Myers Occidental, CA photogravure
Jennifer Pellecchia Menlo Park, CA embroidery
Don Relyea Dallas, TX digital print
Mike Ritter Dorcester, MA photography
Jack Summers Detroit, MI n/a digital print
Adam Zucker Ardsley, NY painting

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Tue, 27 May 2008

500x Open Show 2008: Something Made Easy

500x open show 2008

500x Open Show 2008

From Kerin Arn's several large prisma color genitalia to the subtle humor in the way the members arranged the works, this years 500x Open Invitational Show was a well hung show indeed. Wandering through I could see logical groupings of the works and got a chuckle when I saw some safari photographs adjacent to a painting of a boy hunting a lion with a pellet gun.

The show had a lot of large colorful high impact pieces that looked very good at first glance. When I had the time to come back later, some of the larger pieces I liked initially lost their appeal. Never the less there was a lot of good work to be seen at this show. Bill Barter had a piece in the show "Orange Curve" my wife and I loved but the photo did not turn out. Below are some of my other favorites.

Bryan Gooding prayer at an end
Bryan Gooding "Prayer at an End"

I have seen several of Bryan's works now and I always enjoy them. His assemblages are generally tough to photograph well since they are very three dimensional.

James Lassen DSCN 1222
James Lassen "DSCN 1222"

Lassen's painting grabbed me when I saw it upstairs. It reminds me of when I lived in Deep Ellum and haunted various seedy establishments down there for many years. The title implies he painted it from a digital picture, it would be interesting to see if this is part of a series.

samantha b blaydes Listen See speak
Samantha B. Blaydes "Listen: See: Speak"

Samantha's dry point on cloth triptych caught my eye. The red stitching is just right. While I have seen this theme done before, this work is well executed. She had a nice lino cut print "agony" downstairs as well.

meili peterson roman sky
Meili Peterson "Roman Sky"

Having obsessed over the sky the better part of last year I was drawn to this piece. The color in this work is great and the grid format works for me.

nathan porterfield throne
Nathan Porterfield "Throne" part of a triptych

Nathan Porterfield "Throne" grew on me over time. When I first saw the triptych it bugged me a little. I kept coming back to it though and it eventually won me over. The subject matter is quirky and great at the same time. His attention to detail and white space is immaculate. My photo of all three together did not turn out.

todd camplin world storm
Todd Champlain "World Storm"

Camplin's "World Storm" is a really interesting pen and ink piece with fine detail.

Jennifer Pilon " Viruh:Thrust "

I loved the volumetric negative space of Pilon's piece. Not quite as fond of the scrunching at the very bottom of this work but overall it is very nice.

Loretta Gonzalez Love Your Self
Loretta Gonzalez "Love Your Self"

"Love Your Self" was my wife's second favorite piece behind Bill Barter's. This work is a fun one and the captions on each tile are worth reading.

The show runs through the 1st of June so check it out before it is down. Its definitely worth seeing.

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Sun, 04 May 2008

works in Something Made Easy: 500X Gallery's Annual Open Invitational

Something Made Easy: 500X Gallery's Annual Open Invitational
May 10 - May 31, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 10, 6-10pm

Big Hairy Bush II generative artwork
"Big Hairy Bush II" from the hair particle system drawing project

My low brow political humor piece entitled "Big Hairy Bush II" recently made its way back from San Diego CA. It made it back just in time for the 500x annual open show where I dropped it off yesterday. I am looking forward to catching part of the reception where I can see people react to it.

I also entered the print version of the very popular "blue recursive". Oddly when I printed it at 13x19 out it felt off balance so I "hand" modified the print version of "blue recursive" slightly to give the print a better sense of balance. Hopefully the print version will be as popular as the internet version getting passed around on various math art sites. .

Blue Recursive 13x19 print
"Blue Recursive" 1/10 printed version, get yours at 500x gallery for $100 woohoo!

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