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Mon, 30 Oct 2006

Four New evilcomputergenius MP3 tracks!


I have been listening to a lot of bass music, Dub, Dub-Step, Half-Step and Grime and noise lately. One of my old producer friends Jason Mundo turned me on to the new sounds. There are lots of good tracks to get into and download at as far as dub-step goes. Also check out Argon Records if you get a chance.

Needless to say the Dub vibe is working its way back into my tracks. I have always liked dub and ragga sounds and I made several downtempo dub tracks in the past with my old project Ropelab. The evilcomputergenius sound continues to evolve in a direction all its own.

evilcomputergenius - Hermaphrodite (4.9mb) MP3 69BPM
DUB | Dub-step | Electronica Hermaphrodite is a little busy for straight up Dub-Step but I like it like that so I release it that way. Big lumbering distorted beats with deep subs, heavily filtered dnb bass and a weird sample about some kind of inbred mutation.

evilcomputergenius - Dubpocalypse (6.9mb) MP3 69BPM
DUB | Dub-Step | Breaks | Electronica Dubpocalypse is also little to busy and breaky for straight up Dub-Step, it is a rework of an older Messian Dread track Apocalypso. I'm pulling the usual tricks of deep subs with heavily filtered bassline halfstep breaks with some double-time dnb breaks over the top.

evilcomputergenius - Discipline (6.1mb) MP3 85/170BPM
DUB | Drum and Bass | Electronica Discipline is named for the big distorted lead synth patch used in the track. This one has deep ragga dub sub sounds with filtered guitar sounds halfstep breaks with some tight 170 bpm dnb sampler work over the top. Discipline descends in and out of layered noise from time to time. There are some elements of this track that remind me of times back in the old days when our hardware setup would start to get trapped in feedback loops and analog delay.

evilcomputergenius - Kick Your A$$ (3.5mb) MP3 130BPM
Breaks | Electronica Kick Your A$$ is a rocked out breaks track. A tight break with old vinyl samples, big guitar chords with sick angry solos over the top lightly frosted with some moog. Also some speak and spell noise. I think I was in a bad mood when I made this one.

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Wed, 25 Oct 2006

Stuff I might be doing if I had a sitter for the weekend

Max/MSP/Jitter Classes in GA
Railroad Earth PRESENTS: Real-time Interactive Video Workshop with Max/MSP/Jitter
Saturday, October 28, 2006, 12:00pm-6:00pm

Railroad Earth will host a Max/MSP/Jitter workshop with Aaron Miller. This workshop is a beginner class focusing on video processing and interactivity. Max/MSP/Jitter is graphical programming software for creating real-time video, audio and interactive projects. During the workshop, students will learn the basics of the program including how to create and process video, track color and movement, use sensors and create tools for live performance. Each participant will receive a CD containing Aaron’s tutorials and example files. The cost is $40 or $30 for students with ID. The class limit is 20. Please email or call to reserve a seat.

Please bring a laptop with Max/MSP/Jitter already installed. The free 30-day demo is available at . If you cannot bring a laptop, please contact Monica Duncan at to check on computer availability at Railroad Earth.

Aaron Miller is an artist specializing in video, audio, performance, and interactive installations. He is co-founder/co-creator of [PAM] the Perpetual Art Machine , an online video art community, database, and traveling installation. A specialist and consultant in Max/MSP/Jitter, Miller has conducted workshops at Alfred University, Georgia Tech, Atlanta College of Art and others. He has also designed software for Gary Hill at The Coliseum in Rome, The Louvre Museum and The Pompidou Center in Paris. Recent exhibitions include the Split Film Festival, DIGit and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery’s biennial. He received his BA in Fine Arts from Alfred University and his MA in Media Study and Computer Music from the University at Buffalo.

For more information about Railroad Earth, visit
For more information about Aaron Miller’s recent projects, visit and

Railroad Earth is located at 1467 Oxford Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30307.
Monica Duncan
Railroad Earth

And/Or Show #6
I might be able to actually go to And/Or Show #6 early in the evening at least...we will see. This one sounds pretty cool and I like the the laptop deathmatch guys. It would be great to see what Wanz ( Wild Bull ) is up to. But if you are here you should go. From the press release....

And/Or Show #6: Artificiel + Texelectronica

reception Friday, Oct 27th, 6pm-11pm.

We'll be featuring a light and sound piece by the Canadian collective Artificiel, with their collaborator Pascale Malatarre designing the installation. The work is based on a simple concept: playing voice recordings through high power audio amplifiers and feeding them through large 1000 watt light bulbs. The tungsten and glass materials of the bulbs act as rich but band-limited filters, resulting sometimes in understandable whispers, other times purely synthetic tones, creating flowing and ebbing waves of light and sound.

At our opening reception, we will also be hosting additional digital art installations and performances by regional and international artists that are part of the Texelectronica Festival organized by UNT and the French Embassy. And be sure to check out their schedule for other events and the symposium that will be going on Thursday through Sunday.

Performances at the reception start at 8pm and will include Yao Bin, Frank Dufour, Washboard Leo, and some of the local Laptop Deathmatch crew.

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Tue, 24 Oct 2006

Generative Flowers II on CULTURETV


CULTURETV Playlist 24 October 2006

CULTURETV Video podcasting available

  1. Wunderkabinet by Danela Z & Christina McPhee (USA)
  2. BE[AM] Maria Sester (USA)
  3. Salomé in Low Land by Christian Zagler (D)
  4. FIVE BILLION YEARS until 31.12. Palais de Tokyo, Paris (Fr)
  5. Pixile by ENESS (AUS)
  6. Generative Flowers II by Don Relyea
  7. Waterbowls by Victoria Vesna (USA)
  8. The Vincent 2006 until 14.01.07 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NL)
  9. 'I want To See How You See' by Pipilotti Rist (CH)
  10. "Azure's striptease" by Alan Sondheim
  11. 'Circles Mirror' Daniel Rozin (USA)

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Fri, 20 Oct 2006

f.wish by boredomresearch

I saw the boredomresearch announcement on rhizome raw and checked it out. Very cool processing app loosly based on an old eastern myth. The wishes are interesting to read too. Check it out, requires Java.

boredomresearch writes...
boredomresearch are interested in engaging communities online through contemplative and rewarding experiences. In the web project ‘f.wish’ they are presenting an alternative to your average forum.

Inspired by the Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees in Hong Kong where visitors make a wish by writing it on some yellow paper and tying it to an orange. Then they try their luck at getting it to hang on one of the branches of the wishing tree. If you wish hangs in the tree it will come true, if not the myth claims that you have made your wish too greedy.

In the case of the wishing tree we add weight and gravity to that which is weightless ethereal and of the mind. boredomresearch hope that the Folly wishing tree will aspire its users to add weight to their wishes.

boredomresearch are Southampton-based Vicky Isley and Paul Smith. They interrogate the creative role of computing, producing beautifully crafted software art that presents a fresh approach to our technologically fraught lives.

f.wish by boredomresearch ( Requires Java )

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Thu, 19 Oct 2006

Test Fire and reductionizer gallery

Test Fire table art created with The reductionizer.

I have made quite a few html table works with the reductionizer and I have finally taken the time to compile them into a gallery. I present the reductionizer html art gallery.

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Sun, 15 Oct 2006

Electric Monkeys Digital Prints

I finished this series a while ago but I have been holding back on new editions until I get a new printer this Fall. Looks like I am going to be getting it the first week of November wooohooo! Here is the permanent gallery page. I have a couple more series like these coming soon as well. I am still deciding which works to keep and which ones to cut from the series.

Electric Monkey 01 (click to enlarge)

Electric Monkey 02 (click to enlarge)

Electric Monkey 03 (click to enlarge)

Electric Monkey 04 (click to enlarge)

Electric Monkey 05 (click to enlarge)

Electric Monkey 06 (click to enlarge)

The series also makes a nice little animation.

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Thu, 12 Oct 2006

Outdoors - html art

"Outdoors" reduction by Don Relyea using the Reductionizer

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Sun, 08 Oct 2006

Snake is back!
Well earlier this year I caught the culprit responsible for eating the fish and tadpoles in my koi pond on film and posted about it here.

In the post last June I mentioned the foolish idea of creating a habitat where the fish and the snake could co-exist. I was thinking incorrectly that I could add porous rocks and the fish would have places to hide. All the fish were gone shortly thereafter and an any efforts to stock the pond with new fish or tadpoles only made the snake bigger. So I eventually gave up and left the pond empty for a month and the snake went away. I went ahead and built a small waterfall added some more rocks and I am continuing to add plants as my limited time permits.

Then my kids started asking about why there are no fish in the pond so we went and got some. Just four ten cent goldfish. The goldfish have done well and grown big enough not to be eaten by the snake at least not yet.

But the snake is back! It showed up a day after I introduced a new bullfrog tadpole to the pond. It ate the tadpole and a couple of smaller fish but the larger goldfish appear to be too big to eat now. When the snake arrived the first time it was after I put tadpoles in, hmmm.

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Fri, 06 Oct 2006

Generative Flowers II on
My latest video art project Generative Flowers II was mentioned on the other day!

Be sure to check out the video and HD frame renders on the project page!

I was also asked to further expound on the project by Dave Miller for his art Blog some of what I wrote is below....

Generative Flowers II was created in a software program, in this case Adobe Director MX 2004. I chose director because it is simple to use, supports object oriented program structure and provides rapid results. I created several classes of objects designed to communicate with each other to create the animation. There are flower objects, procedural objects, an event manager for syncing to bpm and a rendering object for rendering out the frames. All the objects check with the event manager to draw in sync with the music.

The flowers are drawn by performing a color fill through a greyscale alpha channel extracted from a masked photo of a flower species. All the flower objects select their colors arbitrarily. The flowers on the corners select their alpha channels arbitrarily as well. Since the installation space has two huge HD screens facing each other across a courtyard I wanted the two screens have different yet connected video. So the central flower alpha channel is chosen incrementally making the central flower species a common thread between the two videos. The flowers are always drawing on screen every frame with 5-10% transparency so if things draw over them they fade back in over what has just been drawn.

The procedural effects objects then perform a pixel sampling and drawing function on a screen grab of what is below that instant. The object divides the screen into a grid and samples colors from inside each square. Every iteration it fills a square smaller than than the one before in arbitrary increments. This creates multicolored concentric squares from the surrounding color scheme.

Lastly there is a slight vector distort applied with transparency over the whole frame that causes what has been drawn previously to blur into the background adding a strange sense of depth.

The program runs in real time in standard NTSC or PAL resolution but a renderer had to be implemented for the HD output. I used Werner Sharp's Image Export Extra to render out all the frames as PNG files and re-assembled them in Sony Vegas.

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Tue, 03 Oct 2006

Alex Dragulescu
I first mentioned Dragulescu in relation to his work Blogbot which I had seen before but revisited while checking out Offset 2005, a showcase of young Romanian artists. I have a gut feeling Alex Dragulescu is going to go really far. I felt it the first time I saw his work. His aesthetic has developed nicely and his projects are clever and engaging. Dragulescu's spam visualization project did not seem that far along when I investigated it earlier but he is growing some smart looking plants out of spam now. He has been doing some nice music visualization work as well.

His work has progressed tremendously since Offset 2005, it appears he has been very busy indeed. His projects page has a lot of nice work to check out but I will highlight the ones he has chosen for his home page. Dragulescu's spam visualization project did not seem that far along when I investigated it earlier but he is growing some smart looking plants out of spam now. He has been doing some nice music visualization work as well.


Brecht is a VJ tool written in Java and OpenGL that uses SQL (Structured Query Language) queries and Java instructions to trigger and mutate live visuals -- text and images stored in a MySQL database.

Extrusions in C Major

Extrusions in C Major:
Extrusions in C Major is an experiment in music visualization. The composition used for these images is the Trio C-Major for Piano, Violin, and Cello by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The computer software analyzes a range of note characteristics such as value, velocity, duration, and overall tempo. The notes of the various instruments are differentiated by color: white for piano, yellow for violin, and blue for cello.

Spam Plants

Spam Plants:
The ASCII values found in the text of spam messages determine the attributes and qualities of the Spam Plants.

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Mon, 02 Oct 2006

Henry Gwiazda

Screenshot of

Since 1986, Gwiazda has worked with sampling and sound effects to create the unique musical language that is derived from the interior musical characteristics of noise itself. His recent work is concerned with creating immersive musical works and computer multimedia. Performing live with sampler, guitar, and tape, he has given concerts, workshops, and lectures throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Gwiazda produces animated audioscapes, oddly situating twisted and chopped real-sound samples . . . combining elements that don't have any clear relationship into compositions of surprising unity.
- reviewed in CMJ by Robin Edgerton Douglas Wolk.

Check out Henry Gwiazda noTnoTesnoTrhyThms at Innova recordings.

Be sure to squish the roach at U4EA Design.

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