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Sun, 25 Jun 2006

The Bubble project by Ji Lee
I had seen this project some time before and also more recently on, a German art blog. But out of the blue last week I got an email from a publisher tentatively interested in including my Michael Jackson toast ebay auction in a small segment of a book. The same publisher also did a nice book on Ji Lee's project and I spent some time going through the Bubble Project again.

The Bubble Project, I steal music
I steal music and I'm not going away.

30,000 of these bubble stickers were printed. They are placed on top of ads all over New York City. Passersby fill them in. Later the results are photographed.

Ji created the Bubble Project in 2001 while working as an art director at a major international advertising agency in New York. The advertising ideas he felt would be engaging to the public were always killed due to the conservative approach the industry tends to foster. Most of the ads which ended up getting produced were safe, ugly, and offensive to the public’s intelligence. Adding to his frustration was the fact these ads were filling up every corner of the streets. The urge to create a simple device to instantly break the monotony was born: The Bubble sticker.

Ji feels with the Bubble Project everyone wins. The advertisers get more looks at their ads when bubbled, while the public gets to express themselves and have fun.

Ji Lee is also the author of the award-winning book: “Univers Revolved: A 3-Dimensional Alphabet”. Ji’s work has appeared in The New York Times, Wired, The Guardian, Daily News, UPN 9 News, TVE, among many others.

Web site of the Bubble Project

Get the Book: Talk Back Book

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Sat, 17 Jun 2006

Micro Modernist Art Generator Google Gadget


Micro Modernist Gadget Description
Add a Modernist Art Generator to your page. Micro Modernist generates a unique modern art image for you every time the page is loaded. Click on it to generate a new image. Billions of variations are possible. The Micro Modernist requires the Shockwave plug-in.

Click on the button to add the Micro Modernist Art Generator to your Google home page.

Add to Google

What are Google Gadgets?
Gadgets are Google's effort to open the Google home page to developers. Basically you can turn most html or javascript apps into gadgets that users can add to their personalized home page. Most Gadgets are tools that you can use to see weather or perform some kind of task.

I am not trying to make useful tools, I get to do that at work every day. This is more of an experiment than anything else, to mostly to see if anyone would put generative art on their customized Google home page and also to promote awareness of generative art.

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Fri, 16 Jun 2006

Thinking about reduction



Photo source from Antimethod's nice photos on Flickr...

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Sat, 10 Jun 2006

Killer of small aquatic creatures captured on film
Last year I started building a Koi pond for my daughter since she likes fish. I like fish too and the idea of a pond in the back yard is appealing. While the notion of a pond is nice, it requires digging a hole and moving lots of rocks. These things take time. Subsequently, the pond is not complete yet. But I have had water cycling in it now since this spring. I placed some small goldfish, minnows, tadpoles and other aquatic creatures in the pond to start it off. All the creatures were doing fine until one day some them began to disappear.

I had one fish die early on and he became a floater, which I scooped out and tossed into the creek below. This was strange though since most of the tadpoles vanished one at time, without a trace, first. Then I noticed the minnow count was down, and finally some goldfish went missing. I determined that something had to be eating them but how? I had made my pond nearly four feet deep in the deepest part. Most land based predators do not go diving for minnows and tadpoles.

Then a week ago I came home early from work and saw a water snake about 13 inches in length dash off to hide. I have since identified it as most likely a Nerodia erythrogaster transversa or plain belly water snake. This afternoon I captured the killer on film. Later today I may go to the pet store and pick some more feeder fish.

At least the good news is that once the pond is finished I can put several larger Koi in there and they should be too big for the snake to eat. Hopefully I can get some American toad tadpoles in there too, they should be a bit too small for the snake.

I plan to get the rest of the rocks to complete the waterfall and some more rocks with holes and hiding places for small fish and amphibians. Ideally I can make a habitat suitable for the snake and the other aquatic creatures as well. Also I'll have to dust off my 35mm with the telephoto lens next time I see the snake, sorry for the low quality digital images.

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Tue, 06 Jun 2006

Good day to write about babies 06-06-06

Click to watch a quick time movie of the baby in action.

Today we went to get a sonogram for number three due in October. We were going to try be surprised by the sex of the baby but the file naming conventions we got back from the doc were a little too descriptive (

The sonogram shows a pretty good profile of the baby towards the end and you can see the baby has my wifes cute forehead as opposed to my Homo erectus style brow ridge. That is a good sign. Everything is good with the baby and he looks normal and healthy!

Also today my buddy Heath's wife gave birth to their second child today, a 06-06-06 birthday. Coincidentally their first one, was born on 9-11. Weird.

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