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Sat, 23 Dec 2006

Thor Johnson - Thorrific Cultural Imperatives

thorrific cultural imperitives

Thor Johnson is a Dallas artist who I went to high school with a long time ago. He is a very creative, charismatic and humorous individual who enjoys music, painting, drawing and playing the didgeridoo.

His candid voyeuristic photography of truly American characters and kitsch is absolutely fantastic. Johnson focuses on naturally occurring exaggerations of cultural stereotypes, the obese, the odd, redneck, religious and offbeat. It is worth viewing the whole collection of photos he took while on trips to the places like the state fair, Oklahoma, truck shows, the christian wrestling federation and various jaunts on public transportation.

Johnson writes, "The photos deal with our culture and the spaces where we buy the things we consume, and also with the space occupied by all human beings, the human body, and the way the human body is affected by that culture."

thorrific cultural imperitives

Thorrific Cultural Imperatives Click on Visual Art first, then the Photography section!

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Thu, 21 Dec 2006

Hair particle drawing project page

Big Hairy Bush a generative portrait of President George Dubya Bush
by Don Relyea (click to enlarge big jpeg 330k)

The holidays have kept me really busy. Aside from playing with kids and the new baby, I have been organizing my projects, and trying clean up my site, work on the Reductionizer and prepare for some upcomimg shows. I have been getting rid of outdated content and organizing projects that need to be included somewhere on my site.

I went ahead and rendered a larger hair particle portrait of President Bush (pictured above) and created a project page for the hair particle system drawing project. You need to click on the picture above to enlarge it and zoom in to see how truly creepy these hair particle images look.

The project page for hair particle system drawing project

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Thu, 14 Dec 2006

Mark Murphy Puzzle Collages

I discovered Mark Murphy while clicking around at the Zg Gallery website. Zg Gallery is in Chicago and I believe this show is up right now (Now through December 30, 2006) if you are in the neighborhood.

From Zg web site...
Mark Murphy is an avid collector of commercial product packaging - the cartons, wrappers and boxes from consumer goods and materials that he encounters on a daily basis. He is not motivated to do this with the hopes of a big payday in the collectables market; instead he is amassing an arsenal of graphic design elements to support his argument that, “art has infiltrated the everyday” and add one more layer to the art-influencing-design-influencing-art-influencing-design cycle that continues to fold over on itself.

Murphy states, "Whether art has infiltrated the everyday, or the everyday has infiltrated art is not important. To recognize the pleasure in the moment of contemplating it, is the reward. What art can do well is remind us that we are human and aid us in an individual pursuit of happiness."

Murphy is also a father of three kids and it is interesting that the gallery mentions that it has affected his work. I know my kids have had an effect on my work.

Mark Murphy Artist Statement

Mark Murphy Puzzle Collages at Zg Gallery

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Sat, 09 Dec 2006

Barry McGee and DO NOT STACK ala Supertouch

Being somewhat trapped in Texas I do not get as much exposure to East and West coast art as I would like. So I have to track down what is happening by reading reviews and blogs and contacting friends to check new work out in a second hand fashion. It is definitely not as good as getting to see the work in person but it is better than nothing at all. One blog I have started reading regularly is Supertouch.

Barry McGee and DO NOT STACK ala Supertouch

Barry McGee

Roberts & Tilton Gallery of Los Angeles featuring Barry McGee, aka: TWIST and “Do Not Stack” featuring work by Patty Chang, Delphine Courtillot, Jonathan Hartshorn, Richard Hawkins, Adam Janes, Chris Johanson, Titus Kaphar, Thomas Kiesewetter, Euan Macdonald, Faris McReynolds, Aaron Romine, Dana Schutz, Jeff Sonhouse, Ed Templeton, Richard Tuttle, Aya Uekawa, Kehinde Wiley, and Ai Yamaguchi. The show runs through December 22nd.

Jeff Sonhouse

Being a big fan of Ed Paschke I was drawn to Jeff Sonhouse's work,it is nice but it seems a bit derivative based on the photos, but I will reserve further commentary until I get to see one of his works in person.

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Fri, 08 Dec 2006

Systemic abstractors vs pubic drawing continues

Systemic abstractors vs pubic realists by Don Relyea-- Particle Generated Art
(click to enlarge big 700k)

This project is getting me really excited. It is working out far better than I had imagined. The program has been running off and on since the previous post on this project and is drawing, growing hair, erasing and abstracting as I write this post. It is fun to go wake up the computer and see what the image looks like after going away for a while, I get a surprise waiting for me in the morning! I am getting work done on art even when I am not working on art, even while I sleep!

You can see that for the larger work I increased the length and kink of the hair. Yes, I wrote a routine to tweak kinky hair.

The endless drawing and erasing, adding and subtracting is causing the depth and richness to the image that I was hoping for but it has exceeded my expectations. I just printed out a 13x19 test print and it has that look of a creatively wiped drypoint print.

Shockwave sketch the project was based on:
Systemic abstractors vs pubic hair drawing(43k shockwave generative drawing)!

The project page for Systemic abstractors vs pubic realists

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Wed, 06 Dec 2006

Tom Moody new prints

Moody has some nice new prints of both new and older work he just posted on his blog.

Tom Moody is a visual artist, writer and musician based in New York. His low-tech art is made with MSPaintbrush, photocopiers, and consumer printers.

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Fri, 01 Dec 2006

Systemic abstractors vs pubic drawing

Systemic abstractors vs pubic realists by Don Relyea-- Particle Generated Art
(click to enlarge)

Systemic abstractors vs pubic hair drawing(43k shockwave generative drawing)!

I have been fiddling with this idea of conflict within a generative art work. For a long time in my painting I had a tough time letting go of figurative elements, there was always a battle going on in my head. I would push and pull the image this way and that until I got it where I wanted it. With programatic or generative art it is difficult to capture that essence of struggle in a work. This is the beginning of an exploration of conflict within a generative art work.

In systemic abstractors vs pubic realists I have set up a variety of program objects that battle on the image area for dominance in the image. There are systemic abstractors which abstract what is being drawn by the pubic realists and other abstractors. The pubic realists are based on the hair particle drawing routine I did last year where hair grows into an image.

The project page for Systemic abstractors vs pubic realists

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