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Fri, 28 Jul 2006

Somebody built a real mini transformer!
It transforms from a car into a walking robot. Check out how it strikes a pose at the end, awesome!

from wired table of malcontents

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Tue, 25 Jul 2006

Timon Botez
Timon Botez is a Norwegian born artist/information designer. He is based in London and has been practising design for the last ten years across Europe and the United States. Timon specializes in digital exhibition displays. His work use dynamic animations and 3 dimensional typography as alternative ways of displaying information. Timon's goal is to captivate, educate and entertain.

Psychoacoustic Maps of Milton Keynes London 2006

Timon writes...The colours in our environment talk to us in a silent but clear voice. Bright and vibrant colours are perceived as happy and cheerful. In art colour appeals to us in a personal way. The size and combination of coloured surfaces make up compositions that we either love or hate. Large surfaces of colour can seem to pulsate. The relationship between two or three contrasting elements decides the frequency of this pulse. A question I often ask myself is how sound can emulate this sensation. What if the blind person could feel the colours and the composition through a sonic experience. My Psychoacoustic Maps of Milton Keynes explore ways of translating visual compositions into sound environments.

Timon in his bio says that he suffers greatly from having large amounts of projects that are "in-progress". Alas a kindred spirit. Keep up the good work Timon!

Originally from

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Sun, 23 Jul 2006


This is screenshot of a new flower themed generative video project I am working on.

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Tue, 18 Jul 2006

20 min documentary on the Amen Break
Being a reformed drum and bass producer, I still hold an affinity for the Amen break. This documentary is some good schooling on the most important 6-sec drum loop ever created by mankind.

Courtesy of German)

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Sun, 16 Jul 2006

Fijuu 2
Fijuu 2 is a 3D audio/visual installation. Using a PlayStation-style gamepad, the player(s) of Fijuu dynamically manipulate 3D instruments to make improvised music. Fijuu is built using the open source rendering engine OGRE and runs on Linux. In the future fijuu will be released as a Linux live CD project, so players can simply boot up their PC with a compatible gamepad plugged in, and play without installing anything (regardless of operating system). This effectively turns the domestic PC into a console for game based audio performances.

The gamepad controlled 3D improv and composition environment Fijuu recently reached its second version, thanks to a commission from CyberSonica.

Unlike the previous version of Fijuu, Fijuu2 provides the ability to sample from each of the six 3D instruments as they are being used, which in turn are recorded to segments on circular 'tracks'. tracks can be sped up or slowed down independently of each other. simple effects can be added also.

Here's a short clip of Fijuu2 in action (heavily compressed Flash):

Courtesy of and German)

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Fri, 14 Jul 2006

Media Mirror
I had seen this before on but recently Orly Angelo, a co-worker, designer and local house music producer(Select Recordings) brought it to my attention.

The Media Mirror is a project of Jeff Han, an NYU mathmatics and computer consultant. His project cv spans the gamut of real time computer graphics with things like LED Touch Display, 3d holographic displays and multi-touch sensory systems.

Jeff Han's Media Mirror 2005

(from Hans site...) Media Mirror is an interactive video installation, in which over 200+ channels of live cable television are continuously arranged in real-time to form a mosaic representation of the person that stands in front of it.

The piece is intended to explore the bidirectional relationship each of us has with mass media. It attempts to illustrate how we are inexorably shaped by the media, while at the same time, how the media itself reflects the demands of our society. The piece is also simply meant to evoke an overwhelming sense of the sheer scale of the medium.

When no user is present, the Media Mirror places itself into an autonomous mode, in which the piece forms mosaics of one of the live channels themselves. In effect, the mirror gets turned onto the media itself.

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Thu, 06 Jul 2006

Getty Images 10 Ways
Getty Images, 10 Ways is a well done promotional site for the stock image company. There are several nice projects done by a collection of new media designers.

One of the projects I never completed is similar to Andries Odendaal's information. His implementation is simple and fluid and definitely worth checking out.

From its content to its visual components, a photograph is filled with information. Choose a point on an image and delve deeper into it, linking one idea to another in a never-ending chain.

At its most basic level, photography is light. Explore a multidimensional world to see how light or its absence can determine the mood, emotion and dramatic contrast within an image.

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